Globalization in the internet – how it influences your kids?



Nowadays where almost everybody has an access to the Internet and is able to seek there any information that is needed, people are very often exposed to hundreds of threats that are lurking in the Web. The part of society that is especially exposed to such kinds of dangers, are the kids. It happens because of the fact that they have contact with the computers connected to the internet in every place that they are present, like home, school or library. Adults should take into consideration what they can do to protect the youth. It is obvious, that information, especially the bad ones, are spreading very fast around the world, and we have to be aware that also information with not necessarily good messages are traveling between children every day, very often without control of any adults. It shouldn’t be a problem when children are sharing information among themselves, but it can be far more dangerous when they are connecting with adult strangers through the Web. And such strangers are usually very bad people with even worse intentions.

Bad consequences.

This kind of situation we can find in every country within different levels of society. For young people, computer should be a tool that will help them with education in easy way and just to entertain them. In our times it looks completely different. Of course kids use the computers and internet to entertain but very often it is connected with violence and unethical content. Next problem is that children are more and more engaged in social media activities. Those kinds of relationships can became extremely dangerous to them, because sometimes people on the other side of the screen are not the people that they pretend to be. This creates situation in which kids are exposed to threats like kidnapping and pedophilia. The other result of involvement in social media relationships is the fact that youth is less sociable. Young citizens prefer to communicate with friends through the Net rather than spending time with them in the real life. Because of that kids started to have serious problems with normal verbal communication with other people which can cause some serious mental issues.

What adults can do?

First of all, the situation that was described above is not related only to the children. Adults very often also decide to focus on virtual life, mostly because of the lack of the free time. Pressure in work and desire to make a career force them to maximize the time spent at work and to limit their free time to the minimum. That’s why is so important to give kids an example of how we should organize our daily life. Adults are role models to the youngest so they should use it to raise them in a proper way. There is another very easy way to prevent any dangers coming from the Web. On the software market there are some applications that can easily restrain any threats considering using the computer and the Internet. The parental controls are usually easy to use and can perform diversified operations. It can meet expectations of parents as well as CEOs and heads of public institutions.




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15 thoughts on “Globalization in the internet – how it influences your kids?

  1. Agree. Parents should serve as role models for the kids. As much as possible, limit the use of gadgets with kids. Let them learn social skills rather than be anti-social.

  2. As long as we can, Parents must always be watchful to whatever their children doing in front of the computer because we all know that social media has “good” & “bad” effects on them. The important is, We always at their side to guide them in the right manners. 🙂

  3. For what it’s worth, I think the Internet does more good to kids than bad, as long as they know what sites to stay away from. The internet is good or bad depending on the use

  4. As my son gets older, it’s actually becoming more difficult to enforce my internet rules for him, particularly because they have computer and technology class in school and he’s starting to need to experiment with these gadgets and the internet. At the same time, a lot of his friends have gadgets of their own. But I choose to be strict about it and regulate as much as I can because I feel it’s for his own good. He’s only 8, and he can’t really filter things on his own just yet.

  5. One of my sister has a strong hold on how her kids use the Internet. None of them have computers in their room. Their one and only Mac desktop is in the living room where everyone can use it.

  6. There are really a lot of dangers online so I am very vigilant when it comes to my kids’ use of the Internet. They’re not allowed to have an FB account, even if their friends have their own. Of course, I’ve explained to them the reason why, and thankfully, they completely understand.

  7. Right now, I’m having problems with my son because he is so addicted to you tube. I have to declare “no you tube day” but of course he will not agree no you tube forever. I’m still thinking the best way to discipline him.

  8. yes i was just reading about this young man who killed himself when he realized he was being “sextorted”. my son who’s only 8 by the way, has been asking us if he could have his own facebook page. all he really wants is to post the videos he makes but with social media, you’ll never know what they’ll encounter. we can’t always watch over them no matter how hard we try.

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