Exotic Foot Spa

Who wants a foot spa?

What do you have in mind?

…jojoba oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, lavender oil, tea tree foot soak, peppermint, lemon foot soak…
Do you have a favorite foot spa salon or do you want to do it at home?
A few weeks back, my students and I went to songkhla aquarium for an educational tour. As locals here they definitely know the place better than I do. They introduced me to this exotic foot spa where they frequently come. It is a fish foot spa to be exact. I couldn’t have imagined a foot spa in an aquarium park.  But anyway, it’s,  I think,  creative somehow as it doubly boosts tourism in this place.  While the kids are enjoying inside the aquarium Mom and Dad could have a bit of a bonding in the fish foot spa, or all the family members could enjoy this after a tiring tour inside the aquarium.

In a fish foot spa you are going to soak your feet in a tank of water for 20 to 30 minutes. In just a few seconds your feet will be swarmed by fish nibbling at your feet. This dead-skin-nibbling fish are called garra rufa popularly known as Doctor fish. If you’re ticklish then you’ll have endless time giggling.  I did not try it though I got scared. My imagination went overdrive lol. I thought of the movies “Piranha” and “Jaws”.  Yeah I know it’s really a bit too much of me to think that. Despite the realization of the superfluousness of my imagination, I still could not bring myself to do it. On a serious note, I had a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) syndrome attack. I was not particularly sure if they change water in the tank. If they do, how often? What if I precede someone who has athletes foot for example.  Anyway,I was just being cautious.

My kids had a blast.

It was approved by their parents. So I did not stand in the way of their enjoyment. ^_^




garrra  garra


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27 thoughts on “Exotic Foot Spa

  1. you should really not think too much about things… as they say, life is short… and stress can make it shorter. hope you tried it, athlete’s foot can’t kill you. LOL. Yahweh bless.

  2. I see fish spa around (they offer one in KinderZoo, Manila) but never really had the guts to try it out for myself. After this pregnancy I will ensure that I will be able to experience Fish Spa with the Hubby ~ whether he likes it or not!

  3. This one is also offered at the mall here but I haven’t tried it yet 😛 the kids look happy watching the fish 😀

  4. I remember when I had my first fish foot spa thingy. It was so weird for me that I was trying to kick the fish whenever they get close until well, I got tired. They still did their thing and I actually enjoyed it.

  5. same here! there’s a lot of this fish here in malaysia and singapore and my husband and no one can force me to soak my feet there. I look like them like they’re piranha’s

  6. Have heard about this fish foot spa. I even joked what if piranhas are there to feast on your toes..LOL. This is a good thing to try.

  7. I think i ve done this before but not in an institution or spa but in the spring below an old banyan tree where tiny fishes swim , then i placed my tired feet and the fish simply ate the dead skin of my feet.. ticklish and fun .

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