Health Issues About Fish Foot Spa

Fish foot spa involves putting your feet in a tank of water full of garra rufa fish. Doctor fish which they are better known will nibble at your feet exfoliating dead skin cells.  In some other salon they do full body exfoliation.  This kind of foot spa or therapy is very popular in Thailand.  It is found in every street, in almost all malls in Bangkok, and even in an aquarium park in Songkhla Thailand. It is one of the must-go and must-to-do agenda whenever island hopping here.  Each island has their own style and presentation.  Fish foot spa is very popular in Asia most especially in Thailand, but it is also gaining popularity in the UK.




Amidst this craze, let us stop and listen to what health officials have to say.

1.  It may carry bacteria that causes skin and soft tissue infections.  These bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.

2.  It can spread HIV and Hepatitis.


To foot salon owners. Strict precaution should be observed.  Those who have weakened immune system brought by psoriasis, AIDS, cancer, and even those that have open sore and cut should stay away from this.  Foot spa salon should follow very strict cleanliness procedure, making sure that the water is changed after each client.  They should come up with some sort of  health screening  with their customers.

To the customers. It should be noted that the infection could be incurred not only from the water tank, but also from the fish.  In this case, sterilization is impossible as it will harm the fish.

To animal lovers.  These fish are starved to entice them to feed on dead human skin.


For detailed report on this, read.


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23 thoughts on “Health Issues About Fish Foot Spa

  1. Thanks for the information . I really wanted to try it when I saw one in the mall but Fotunately I’m always in a hurry . now I know that there are some risk involved. thanks a lot

  2. Gross. Even before reading your article on the negatives of using a fish spa, I didn’t like the thought of a fish nibbling on my feet!

  3. I have heard about this fish before. And I never thought about the consequences it will carry. I don’t mind the infection but knowing the fact that you have a high chance of getting those diseases? I might skip that and go to my stone scrubbing thingy.

  4. Thanks for the info. I really want to try it when I saw one in the mall or inside the amusement park but luckily I’m always in a hurry so thanks for your post, now I know that there are some risk involved.

  5. Yes! I agree! Those are the very same reasons why I don’t want to try fish foot spa – and also the price of P150 for 15 minutes as offered here is quite steep! I can actually get a 1-hour full body massage for that price 😀

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