Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Among the oceans of video converter software inundating the internet nowadays, Wondershare is certainly legit and is best to nothing, no contest.

For non-computer savvy Moms like me, there are two important things to look for when purchasing, functionality and practicality.

Does it really work?  Is it easy? Can a computer dummy like me do it? Or Do I end up dumping it out of frustration? Does it come with a malware or something? Or Do I end up buying a lemon? These are just few questions I ask myself. Yes, I’m pretty skeptical. Having bought some crappy products online, wouldn’t you be?


The wonders of Wondershare

Wondershare is so generous with its offerings. It does not only convert videos but it has loads of other wonderful features like trimming, cropping, and video effects and filters. It’s a no nonsense software. The interface is clean and everything is accessible. There are no extra, unnecessary requirements, prerequisites, and whatnot to run it. Just install it. Voila!

This is the main screen, as you can see all the features are right up-front – convert, download videos from the internet, burn, and transfer files directly from your PC to your device (iOS, Android, camcorder, flash disk, hard disk). It’s so user-friendly, all you need to do is add all video files you want converted, edit video as desired and hit convert button; it converts them in no time and saves them automatically as a separate file. Oh I forgot to mention, it also has watermark, subtitle, and audio control features.

Wondershare main screen


And oh another thing, if you hit that TOOL button it will give you these. Awesome!

Fun Media tools


So far, I have converted tons of videos which I took with my JVC camcorder, car camera, and Olympus underwater camera. These videos have not been shared to friends and relatives due to incompatibility issues. But now I could. I’m so lovin’ this.

Here’s a short video I took of my wedding bouquet using a JVC camcorder (in .vob format) that I have edited and converted to mp4 using Wondershare.


And here’s a GIF I made.




It’s practical alright

The best things in life are free.  But if it comes with all sorts of bugs, no thank you. Wondershare is an honest to goodness software.  A Lifetime License at $59.95, yes, one-time fee for free lifetime update, and if working online like blogging, web designing, online business, and the likes,  is your bread and butter, this is surely practical!


Wondershare is a WONDERful, easy to use, feature inundated video converter software.

It’s fun. It’s awesome.

I love it!


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Product Review: AJ Sound System

For the first time my family bought a Thailand made sound system, AJ.  In the past 10 years here, it has always been either Philips or Samsung.  But for whatever reason we just decided to try AJ.

Anyway, what about it?

Well, for the price of 2,990 baht (85$), the sound quality is the closest thing you get to a Sony. That’s right.  Great, isn’t it?

It has a two-tone color design with wooden panels.  It looks massive, heavy, and simple without fancy stuff.  Features include AUX, DVD, USB, Bluetooth, and FM radio. It’s a 5.1 ch surround system starting with a beautifully crafted sub-woofer, left and right speakers, left and right surround speakers and a center speaker all of which are separately controlled by four knobs.

However, there is one quirk that can be annoying at times.  It does not have a general knob for the volume.  So what I’m saying is that, you would have to turn all the knobs (all four of them) to adjust the volume.  Just imagine if the baby stirs a bit and you’d have to hurriedly lower the volume or else your ME time is over.

Now, I don’t know if this is how it is at the present modern-day sound systems but for sure it was not like this with our previous.  Anyhow, apart from this everything else works very well.  It may not be the best looking, fancy appliance there is but in terms of functionality, it is unquestionably great.  It means business.  What you see is what you get.  There are no compatibility issues, which was the case with our previous sound systems.  AJ works perfectly with other electronics like TVs, laptops, and mobile phones.

Have you had any experience with Thailand made products? How was it?

I’ll Return Back Your LOVE



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Fotor and Postermywall

The best thing in life is, free.

When internet started way back, almost all were for free.  As years passed, internet has crawled into the “must-have” list of every households and offices. The internet has become the largest market across the world. Companies started curtailing the free things, and started selling.   Others on the other hand, offers free versions of their products.
Most of the photos I posted here are in collage. I have tried several photo editing websites online, but there are only 2 which I love and use most of the time, FOTOR.COM and POSTERMYWALL.COM. This is a voluntary review. I am not compensated whatsoever. This is my way of giving back to these 2 great companies aside from sharing their websites in social media every time I use their services.
What do I like the most about fotor and postermywall?
They allow saving/downloading directly to your computer or drop box, no fuss, no long-endless-do-this-to-save-it kind of thingy.  Which by the way is not allowed in other photo editing websites. Now, why do I like this feature? I am a blogger, so I want my photos seen first in my blog and not in facebook,twitter, or anywhere else.
What other features I am sure you would love too?
* You won’t have problems using the websites as they are user-friendly and opens almost immediately even with my slow internet connection.
* They have other options if you choose to share your photos directly to your social media.
* The photos on the collage/poster come out great, not pixelated even with the free version.
* They have loads of features to choose from.

Fotor …


Collage (classic,funky, magazine, photo stitching, canvas, stickers)

Edit a photo

Design a card (holidays, weddings, and birthday)


over 60 poster templates to choose from including 4th of July, Soccer, Photography, and even Hanukkah and Divali.

How are online photo editing websites significant to you?



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Empowered Kids Corner:  Following Dad’s Footsteps


Celeb Baby Bumps in the News

Give your Musically-Inclined Kid Encouragement

As supporting parents to musically-inclined children, it is important to get a little bit involved even if you yourself are not so much into music.  Showing your kid that you know something about his world will surely encourage him.  This little effort on your part will never go unnoticed.  It will be appreciated, and they will love you even more.

Show a bit of enthusiasm on the instrument your child love.  Knowing the name, types, and parts of his instrument could be a good start.  If your kid loves guitars, here are few things you need to know about.  The basic guitar parts of les paul 2015 traditional gibson that you should definitely know about are;



What sort of instrument does your kid love to play?

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Kids Academy Song App Review



Songs are a sure hit with kids. They like songs and definitely love to sing along.  Songs are fun way to increase vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and general comprehension of the language.  In this app the lyrics are written in large letters with catchy colors.  Letters or words are highlighted for kids to sing along in karaoke mode.  There are so many kids’ favorite songs to choose from.  Each song comes with an appropriate and attractive graphics which depict the story behind the song. Kids learn quickly and easily through songs. One app allows you to record your kid singing which my daughter and I find so fun to do.








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Kids Academy Writing App Review




Learning how to write is an easy task for kids if their fine-motor skills are developed early on.  This app which is designed for kids age 5 and below will aid them in developing these necessary skills.  The graphics and presentation are responsive and attractive.  The letters and numbers are presented in a simple, but catchy manner.  There is not so much clutter around which lessens confusion, consequently making instructions easy to follow.  The app starts with number and letter tracing and moves gradually to writing single words requiring more developed fine-motor skills.  Stars awarded depend on the number of attempts made on each task.  The voice over which is clear, gently, and encouraging has a male and female options.




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Kids Academy Reading App Review



The skills that are emphasized and being developed in this app are the very foundations needed for kids to do reading operations.  Kids using this app are assumed to have prior knowledge on letter recognition and sound.  It starts with rhyming words and beginning letter sounds exercises which develop their listening skills and complicated sound recognition.  It will then move on to short vowels sounds, long vowel sounds, and finally being able to write words.  The voice over is clear.  The words are well pronounced and enunciated making it easy for kids to follow and understand.  The letters are large and colorful which can draw the kid’s attention to it rather than the other graphics on the screen.  In this app music and sound are enhanced, and the graphics are very responsive.  Plus, it can be personalized by creating your kid’s own profile.



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KidCoder Beginning Web Design Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Did you ever wonder how websites, games, and smart-phone apps created by people who made their living from these? Have you in your wildest dream, thought of creating apps and designing your own website?

Well, your dream is about to come true.  Even your kids as young as 4th graders can design his/her own website.

In this modern, technology jammed times, a know-how is definitely an advantage. Having the knowledge will not only make one a mere user of technology, but a creator.  Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs are creators who made it really big.


This is a review of  KidCoder Beginning Web Design.

KidCoder Beginning Web Design is a self-study, no prior-programming-experienced course,  offered to 4th to 12th graders. This course which needs to be installed in your computer comes with student activity starters, supplementary instructional documents, fully coded solutions for all activities, tests and answer keys, and guidance on evaluating projects. The step by step activities are detailed, thorough, and engaging. It can be completed in your own computer using the text editors and web browsers that already exist in your computer.  There is no need to purchase any additional software.  Plus, they offer free technical support.



So, what’s in store for you in this  course.  Let us take a peep.

kidcoder cover


This is the student menu.  To the left you will see the things needed in this course.  The student textbook are both in PDF and electronic versions.  You can choose whichever best suits your kid’s learning style.



kidcoder act starter

Here, you will find 20 lessons which are linked to easily view the content.


This is where your finish product goes.  Detailed instructions are given in order to create this folder.  To make your website design live, which means uploading in the internet, they also provide step by step procedure and online documents needed to make this happen.  All of these are found in INSTALLATION AND EXTRAS.

kidcoder online doc


*Designed for people who do not have any technical or programming experienced at all.solution menu

*It provides hands-on activities as against just feeding series of instructions right away. This provides opportunity for learners to think, explore, and resolve given tasks on his/her own.

*If ever one gets stuck on certain activity, the solution menu provides the answer on how KidCoder engineers solve the task themselves.

*They provide online technical support for free.

*Depending on your own pace, you could be a web designer in no time.

*Information are selflessly and generously imparted.

*There are no hidden third party software purchases.


I took my time looking into the course, trying to find any loophole or negative thing about it.  Honestly, none at all.

Would I recommend this?

Absolutely, without any second thought. I am glad, I was given the opportunity to review and be given a free course.  Its relevance to me as a mother, blogger, and teacher is surmountable.

For more information about KidCoder beginning web design please visit them at the following links.

Website: Homeschool Programming

Facebook Page: Homeschool Programming, Inc.

Twitter:  HS Programming


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

All opinions expressed here are honest, and are not influenced whatsoever by anyone or anything.


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Tmart Digital Weight Kitchen Food Diet Scale Review

This is a product review for the best digital scale in the market today, the digital weight kitchen food diet scale by www.Tmart.com.


I received this fragile-looking parcel, but the interior is actually lined with bubble wrap that serves as cushion for the item.  The actual product looks very dainty, light, and handy.  It comes in 2 different color choices – white and blue, with an all steel display panel. The digits are big enough even for people with bad eyes like me.

DSC01466 DSC01470

DSC01475 DSC01476


DSC01496 DSC01495  

That’s right this versatile device does the conversion for you.  Some people finds manual conversion a bit difficult, and at times could be both a hassle and a hindrance.  So, this automatic unit conversion feature is really a CONVENIENCE.






Further, this digital kitchen food diet scale is useful in so many ways.  It is very   for Science experiments and Science Laboratory use.


 It can also be used in Jewelry Shops.

It can also be used in candy and sweets stores.

This digital kitchen scale is actually an ALL PURPOSE DIGITAL SCALE!  This is definitely a VERY GOOD BUY.


Other basic features include the following.

  • Strain Gauge Precision Technology
  • Key with Full Function: ON/OFF
  • Key with Full Function: Unit
  • Easy-view LCD display
  • Low battery indication/Over -load indication
  • Auto/manual shut Off
  • Powered by 2 pieces AAA battery

The longevity of any gadget and device for that matter, depends largely on how one use it.  This digital kitchen scale is no exception.  It is important to know the do’s and don’ts.

1.  Keep the steel panel dry at all times

2.  Keep the steel panel free from any corrosive chemicals

3.  Clean any stain immediately with damp but not wet soft cloth

4.  Put the digital scale on hard flat surface when weighing


I RECOMMEND this product not only for home use, but also for school, industrial, and business-related purposes.



Although, I received a free digital weight kitchen food diet scale from tmart, all the opinions and reviews expressed here are my own.  I am not influenced whatsoever by any form of payment.


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