Kids Academy Writing App Review




Learning how to write is an easy task for kids if their fine-motor skills are developed early on.  This app which is designed for kids age 5 and below will aid them in developing these necessary skills.  The graphics and presentation are responsive and attractive.  The letters and numbers are presented in a simple, but catchy manner.  There is not so much clutter around which lessens confusion, consequently making instructions easy to follow.  The app starts with number and letter tracing and moves gradually to writing single words requiring more developed fine-motor skills.  Stars awarded depend on the number of attempts made on each task.  The voice over which is clear, gently, and encouraging has a male and female options.




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7 thoughts on “Kids Academy Writing App Review

  1. I actually think some apps helped develop my toddler’s motor skills when we allowed him to play with apps like this one. Though actual play is better. But we like apps like this because it keeps them entertained while practicing writing or coloring.

  2. I have kids who are proficient with today’s technology, one of them is actually already studying Javascript at 8 years old…this seems great for my 3 year old but I worry about his time on the tablet. It can be a bit too much. But thanks for sharing.

  3. Writing skills is really important especially now my son needs to copy the reminder and homework on his own. Unlike before, the teacher writes all the homework. My son tried other writing apps.

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