The Uke

Ukeleles are string instruments specifically of the lute family.  A ukulele generally has four nylon strings that run along the entire sound table and through the neck that’s either fretted or unfretted.  A uke is very much similar to a guitar with parts like headstock, neck, and a body.

This mini guitar-like instrument has been the latest craze among music enthusiast kiddos, my children included. Most are right handed but there are also left handed ukuleles. The vibrant colors of the vividly painted bodies attract kids all the more.  This Portuguese machete inspired instrument is also famous among the young at heart music lovers, which make them even cooler to look at. Ukelele is an interesting musical instrument.

Do you know anyone who’s into ukelele?

My kids have already broken one, imitating a guitar rock star play.

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3 thoughts on “The Uke

  1. It’s nice that your kids started their interest in playing an instrument while they are young. I wish I can play an instrument but I don’t. I tried piano and I might try to teach myself again ( or not).

    1. I’ve got a similar sentiment. Life then was a bit difficult and so having music or even dance classes were a luxury for my family. I’m glad though that we could provide our kids the opportunities we never had before.

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