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Safety is as important as health.  It is a right, not a privilege according to Avira antivirus software.  It is the foundation with which we build security and functionality.  Otherwise, security is ruined, and functionality diminished.  I remember the movie, “The Okinawa’s Dream”.  The village in that movie has no electricity – that means no street lights, no street cameras.  But the people were safe.  Nowadays, one’s safety is threatened even during daytime.

In the past years there had been a regular occurrence of terrorism, which has enormously spread fear in every homes, every establishments, and every countries in the world. Thus the “safety first” signage in gates, bags and body inspections in malls and establishments; and finally, the strict and yet eccentric airport security check were implemented.

Speaking of airport security, I just had a very annoying experience with this in Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark Pampanga, Philippines.  I brought with me a traveler’s grooming kit.  It is as dainty as an iphone 4s.  Inside are the following;  nail cutter, nipper, nail file, tweezer, eyebrow trimmer, and pimple extractor (whatever you call it).  Upon arrival as they are made of metal, they got detected by the x-ray machine.  The male officer cordially asked for the inspection of my bag.  When he found out that it was only a grooming kit, he returned it to me.  At the domestic departure before we get to the boarding area, is yet another inspection.  The female officer saw the grooming kit.  She asked me to show it to her.  She opened it and said “ oohhh”.  She then took the nipper, nail file, and eyebrow trimmer.  She went on to explain that those three are sharp objects and they’re not allowed on board.

I was in a state of disbelief.  It already passed international inspection during my trip to the Philippines but now she’s not allowing it. Was she thinking that I might stab the people on board using the nipper??!! OMG! So ridiculous.  Well, don’t get me wrong.  I am for safety.  But what irked me was the inconsistencies with the airport officials implementing security policies.





In their suggestion box, I wrote;

I suggest that any confiscated item(s) should be named and packed individually.  And be made known to the owners that they have the option of claiming back their items in their way in or out of the country.

Where do confiscated items go to? Are they given out for donations? Or are they used for personal purposes?

I left my email address.  But up until now, I have not received any reply from them.  Could it be that it’s customary not to reply? Could it be that they are not checking their suggestion box regularly? If these are the cases, why ask for the email or why ask for suggestions?


Do you have any similar experiences? Feel free to leave your creative responses or your comments in the comment section below.


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15 thoughts on “Airport Security

  1. Hi sis,

    I know you’re upset over the inconsistencies of the airport security back home. You won’t have that kind of inconsistencies elsewhere. I have travelled in Europe, the US and most of Asia and I just keep in mind that each country will have their own airport security rules. Aside from complying to the air safety standards world-wide, grooming kit with pointy objects are indeed considered dangerous goods. For you or some travelers will find that useful for primping and that’s about it. But for the “creative” minds, it can be used as weapons to maim and even kill. So yes, I think the one where you got away was being lenient but the lady security officer did the right thing.

    I remember an instance where I forgot that liquids, aerosols and gels were not allowed as hand-carry items. I happen to have an atomizer to mist my face during the flight to avoid getting dry skin. It was a small liquid aerosol but bigger than the allowed 10 ml. We were going to France. Without a word, the security officer asked for it and threw it in a receptacle next to the garbage chute. I didn’t argue nor ask why.

    There are certain things that we can carry on-board and sorry to say sis, a grooming kit (with pointy and sharp objects) is not one of them allowed. It may differ from country to country like I mentioned earlier. I always have mine checked-in. And how do I know all these stuff you might wonder? I work in the airline industry. We are given memo about these stuff. We have to know the dangerous goods and the allowed stuff to take with you as hand-carry. And all these information we take to heart. Safety is all our primary concern.

    Your suggestion is really valid. I also wonder what they do with the confiscated stuff. I hope they’ll just return it to the rightful owner or dispose them properly without any vested interest.

    1. True that for those who really have evil intentions, a grooming kit is already as good as any tools. I, myself, would feel really safe if there’s nothing on board that could harm me and my family. That way, I only have air turbulence, engine trouble, and etc.. to think about LOL. I worry a lot about things whenever we travel. What I totally did not like were one the inconsistencies of the implementation. If it is not allowed fine with me. I am a law-abiding citizen. Two, she should have confiscated all the items in my grooming kit. The three items she left were very sharp as well. This is the reason why I questioned her actions. If those items are not allowed because they are sharp, then take everything. Oh well, everything is water under the bridge now.

  2. I agree that they should be consistent and certainly should have gotten back to you already. I believe in safety but also think that sometimes some people just take advantage of their position of “power” in situations like this.

  3. I am shocked that they didn’t take out the tweezers if they were looking for sharp things. It is crazy how it varies from worker to worker. It makes you wonder if they even get training or just do it all based on personal opinion.


    1. That’s my point. Who wouldn’t want safety right? I certainly do. That’s why they have to do their jobs right. The items she left were pointy as well.

  4. I am shocked they left the tweezers if they were going to stab things that might be sharp. It’s crazy what some find dangerous and others don’t. Makes you wonder if these people are even trained.


  5. While I understand their reasoning for taking your items, I also understand your point of view as well. Your items should have been returned to you unless they planned to compensate you otherwise.

  6. While I understand their reasoning for taking your items, I also understand your point of view as well. Your items should have been returned to you unless they planned to compensate you otherwise.

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