It has been a tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions. But every year I fail to do these resolutions.  After I make the list, I totally forget about them.

For 2013, I have psyched myself up, talked to myself, and convinced myself that it’s now or never. After surviving the-end-of-the-world prophecy, I am summoning all my guts and with a 101% conviction,  intend to do the following this year.

1.  To be patient, to be patient, and to be patient.  As the saying goes patience is a virtue.  Year in and year out, I’ve always wanted to inculcate this virtue into my system.  But year in and year out I fail.  I totally acknowledge its importance.  That is why, I want to do, try everything just to make this a part of me.  Recognizing that I am short of patience, and the wanting to practice this is a good start.   I intend to practice it one day at a time.  Reward myself if I succed in a day.  Start over, if I fail.  Try and try until you succeed, as the saying goes.

2.  To shape up.  My second pregnancy to my lovable Derick has caused me an added 10kg.  With my hectic schedule, going to the gym or pool is totally impossible.  But these extra pounds are not doing any good to my esteem, health, and especially to my sex life.  If there’s a will, there’s a way.  There are other effective ways to shed off these extra pounds without going to the gym, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now!!

3.  To be an OPTIMIST.  By December 2013, I can very well tell myself that…… I am patient.  I am in great shape physically!

These are the major changes I want to happen to myself in 2013.

Whereas below are the lists of things that I will do in 2013.

1.  Work hard on my blog..

2.  Invest, invest, invest..

3.  Be more loving to my husband and kids.


QUESTION: Do you think my goals are achievable?



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16 thoughts on “NEW YEAR, NEW ME

    1. True.. it’s quite funny because it takes patience to achieve patience. LOL
      I’m following you in fb, twitter, Pinterest, and G+. I’d love to be liked/followed. Thanks

  1. Oh, of course! These are totally attainable goals. Now, if you said, learn to fly without a parachute, I’d be looking at your funny. LOL. But yes, I have similar goals. And as long as you take baby steps, you’re moving in the right direction. Good luck!

    Get Your Life Straight

    1. Thanks Serena..I’d rather take one step at a time very patiently, than a rushed, mindless big leap.
      Serena, how’d you find if we follow each other’s blog?

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