White Water Rafting in Satun, Thailand

White water rafting at Manang Satun is definitely an adventure you’d want to include in your bucket list. It is one of the southern provinces in the south of Thailand.  Adjacent provinces include Phattalung, Trang, and Songkhla in the North, and  Perlis Malaysia in the South.

If you’re a nature lover and who would love an adventure involving physical challenge, then, this is for you. Manang Satun offers a roughly 10 kilometer long kayaking experience full of beautiful greeneries, rock formation, and caves around.  The entire place is serene, the air is so fresh, and the water is clear.

This trip could be done in a day since the kayaking only takes 2 to 3 hours to finish. Or you could stay in one of the accommodations which by the way are cheap (500 Baht) and have many to choose from.


Getting ready!


Off they go!

(Taken with a 600D with a 55-250mm lens)


(Taken with 550D with a 24-105mm f4)


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11 thoughts on “White Water Rafting in Satun, Thailand

  1. I always love to explore nature while kayaking and I believe it is the most beautiful way of exploring as you are physically challenging yourself but it doesn’t feel as we are exploring new beautiful nature, Thanks for Sharing!

  2. I love being in the water, whether it’s the beach or in a pool, but I’m not fond of sports. Glad you had fun with the activity and taking photographs 🙂

  3. wow!! I can relate with always not being in the shots and being the Photographer. sometimes I risk not having nice photos and relinquish the control of the camera to someone else but I totally get annoyed that the shots don’t look as nice.. anyway hope you enjoyed the water rafting activity

  4. That’s the thing about being the photographer of the group – you’re never in photos! 😀 I find it a hassle to carry a tripod around, but if I want to be in photos, then it’s a must have.

    Nice photos, by the way!

    1. Thank you for dropping by. There is one in Davao City, Philippines. I don’t know about other parts of the Philippines.

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