Make-shift Bath Tub

Summer and Derick love bathing together.  They like to play and soak in the water. Our new home is very near the beach and often times we go there and have a swim but there are times that we can’t. There was a time Summer asked us ” Can we swim in the bathroom?” But we don’t have a bath tub.  So we improvised…….tada! Presenting our make-shift bathtub.











The make-shift tub is fast becoming too small for them.  Our babies are growing fast, got to find something bigger ^_^

PS: Never leave your kids in a tub, unattended.



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17 thoughts on “Make-shift Bath Tub

  1. That is so cute! Those plastic boxes are handy. When we were flooded two years ago, we used those to transport our dogs and our important belongings from the house where we were staying to the house that opened its doors for us.
    I think you need to get a bigger “tub” 😉

  2. Wow! That is a creative way of making your own bath tub! The kids look like they are having a lot of fun as well.

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