UPDATED: Empowered Kids Corner: Unconventional Toys


Derick, two years old with great passion for electrical things.

While other kids are playing with toy trucks and action figures, he on the other hand likes to tinker with  fans,  extension wires, and other electrical devices.  At the supermarket, he gets really fascinated with “electrical fans”, and would rather stay there than explore the toy section.

He has other “normal” toys, but his everyday favorites are broken electrical fan, extension wire, electronic mouse, and vacuum pipe.  Among all of these his greatest favorite is the electrical fan. Who says toys are only those sold at toys stores.  For Derick, this broken fan is a toy, it is in fact an educational toy.

quite eccentric huh ^_^….

Is this a foresight of his profession or career in the future?  What do you think?

What I know is that his passion over these things is simply overwhelming.


Kids learn best through play. Play may seems trivial to uninformed individuals but it plays an extremely important factor in a child’s cognitive, affective, and psychomotor development.  As a parent, I have observed these from my very own kids.  Their personalities are developed, and they learn to interact with others through play.  They learn to express themselves, rationalize and reason out.  More, they acquire and develop a degree of linguistic understanding which together with other factors like media, parental interaction, and school, they are able to form a rather complex linguistic expressions.  In fact they experiment on words.  For example, in the midst of pretend play, my son was groping for words to use and having found none, he just simply explained “it is so hurty”.  Aside from this, they learn how to solve and resolve situational problems during role-play and imaginative play which they would eventually used in real world circumstances.

Through play, children learn interpersonal skills like empathy and sympathy. In this modern era of gadgetry where gadgets are making people indifferent, interpersonal skills are undeveloped, rare and yet ironically very vital.  We as parents must find the balance, while these technology have become an everyday household, playing with other kids is still incomparable.

Life skills are another set of significant developmental tasks children have to learn.  These skills are associated with how well we live life in the future.  These have been related to how well one manages oneself in studies, and workplace. For kids tying shoes, folding laundries, study habit, cleaning ones room and the likes are simple life skills that instills life long values which could later on translate to having organizing, management, relational, and personal skills.

Without a doubt play is an essential in growing up.  If you take away play, then you don’t only deny children their childhood you are also taking away from them their future.


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24 thoughts on “UPDATED: Empowered Kids Corner: Unconventional Toys

    1. Thanks for the concern. We were aware and very much concern about this thing as well. Being aware of the danger we made sure that he doesn’t plug it in the electric socket. He never did and we never had any incidents/accidents involving electricity. Hopefully never will.

  1. When I first saw the photo of your kid playing with a fan, I got scared! Coz my baby’s hands got wounded reaching out for the electric fan when he was 6 months old. Then I got amazed by your kid. He’s just 2 years old? Wowwwww *speechless* I guess my thought on the matter is, kudos to you as parents! Just make sure someone is always looking out for him. After that incident with our baby, we never leave his side anymore unless he’s sleeping. Happy new year!

  2. i use to have fun playing with the fan as a child. mainly because i can pretend to sound like a robot! its nice to find something unconventional

  3. Wow! He’s got a flair for electrical and electronics engineering I guess. Its very essential to motivate kids in what they’re interested in. One of my friend’s kid is so attracted to earth moving machines. At just 2 years, he can actually differentiate between the various kids of earth movers just by their sound!!!

  4. My Son loves to do that too, he would like to open the appliances and see how they work. So, now on whenever there is anything electrical which we have to discard he will open up and see.

  5. I think it’s wonderful how the imagination of kids work! The more exposure to the world the better, it will help him know what he would really like to pursue in the future! 🙂

    1. Oh thank you hehehe. His nursery teacher told that everyday seems like a party for him. So I can just imagine how he sees the world. It probably is a wonderland unraveling right in front of him.

  6. I remember reading this american dad who wrote in his book that when their twin boys were two, they would wrap old broken appliances or things they had around the house and give it to them for birthday gifts and their kids would go loco over them. 🙂 Kids have such great minds….wish I would be able to preserve that in my kids.

  7. Kids are drawn towards the oddest things sometimes. My 3-year old had a stage when she was so fascinated with what goes on inside her toys. One time, she managed to disassemble her musical toy then put everything back again! Amazing.

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