The Science of Homosexuality

Is it just me or is the number of gays/homosexuals are increasing nowadays?

This article does not intend to deal with the moral issue raised by the church, but on the environmental and biological side of the subject matter in a point of view of a mother.  In my observation,there has been a huge increase in the number of gay people in the past decades.  Other people would account this to the fact that modernization, and the advocacy for freedom of expression and individuality have empowered individuals to come out from the closet.  Something that is difficult to do before, otherwise one has to bear religious, family, and social discrimination.

We learned that, an individual is made up not just by what is printed in his/her blueprint called gene, but also by the nurture he receives from the environment surrounding him.  This environment referred to includes the following,  family, peers and acquaintances, school, and the media.

Most of my gay friends and acquaintances are in one of these family scenarios. First, an only son in the family and the rest are female siblings with very strong personalities.  Second,a son of a military man who is into so much pressure of becoming like his dad.  Third, a young male away from home who finds solace in the company of female friends.

But, I have a few accounts wherein a boy at a very young age of 4 or 5 already expresses inclination towards gayness.  I had a student who was 4 years old at that time verbally expressed that he is a girl. And indeed he is gay.  In these cases, considering that these kids expressing homosexuality had been in this world for a very short period of time. I do not think that the environmental factors mentioned above are significant factors for their homosexuality.

Environmental factors must not be the only contributory factor to homosexuality.  So I made a bit of a research. And I came across some very interesting articles.

Environmental causes of homosexuality  and Homosexuality is not a choice, both articles suggest that homosexuality is caused by a disruption in the normal development of the brain specifically the hypothalamus during the crucial sexual differentiation of the embryo in the womb. The  hypothalamus is responsible for the gender preference, which is dimorphic.  Dimorphic means structurally different in males and females.  By default, all embryos are female, with the XX chromosomes.  If the fetus receives a Y chromosome naturally from the father, this will result to a male embryo. The embryo will then be altered by the addition of hormones called androgens specifically testosterone, which determines the male characteristics. Afterwhich, the testosterone has to “defiminize” the hypothalamus.  This stage is very crucial.  If there are disruptions during this stage, the mother will release  androstendione which is structurally similar to testosterone into the bloodstream she shares with the fetus.  Its presence and the fact that it is structurally similar to testosterone is going to block or delay the effectiveness of the latter, consequently disrupting the “defiminization” of the hypothalamus.

The factors that cause the disruption of the brain sexual differentiation could be environmental.   As described by the first article mentioned above, the chemical Phthalates used in plastics lessens the testosterone production during the first trimester of pregnancy.  This chemical is incorporated into the food beginning from its processing, packaging, storage down to heating of the food using plastic containers that have this chemical.  These are the plastic containers  used for food storage and reheating.

Phthalates is one, how many other synthetic chemicals out there can disrupt the sexual differentiation process?  Could there be truth behind claims about Soy making the kids gay,  or vaccine produces homosexuality, or eating too much hormone-filled chicken.  My kids’ pediatrician warned us not to let the kids eat too much chicken as it could hasten secondary growth in girls and effeminate boys? My sister received similar warning from her son’s pediatrician.

Haven’t you noticed that nowadays, kids develop secondary female characteristics at a very early age?  I can hardly recognize my third grade student when I saw her again three years later.  Without exaggeration, she already looked like a sixteen year old girl.  It was not just her.  There are many others. It is pretty scary to see kids with developing breasts, well-shaped bodies playing hide and seek, or doing the jumping rope, or laughing and teasing like graders.

Knowing these, I feel sad and scared, but hopeful.

Sad, because so many boys experienced all sort of rejection and discrimination with something they have no control over.  By the way this oppression is still seen in other culture and religion up until now.  Scared, because the culprit is all around us.  There seem to be no way out, and there is no clear solution.  Hopeful because as explained homosexuality is congenital. But unlike other congenital diseases it can be prevented.   If the entire normal process of the embryological development proceeds without disruption, then the fetus will grow to become a sound, healthy baby.

For pregnant women and women who wants to get pregnant, ALWAYS be careful during the most crucial fetal development, the first trimester.  Keep in mind to free yourself from any form of STRESS-CAUSING things, keep your DIET HEALTHY.  Keep the following things at bay – plastic wares and plastic bags, junk food, processed food and drinks.

Can you suggest ways on how we can keep pregnancy safe and healthy?




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29 thoughts on “The Science of Homosexuality

  1. Howԁy! This artіcle coulԁ not be ωritten
    аny betteг! Gοing thгough thiѕ article remindѕ me of my
    preѵious roommate! Hе constantly keρt talking аbout thіs.
    І’ll send this informatiоn to him. Pretty sure he ωill have a goοd read.
    Тhаnks for shагіng!

  2. You are brave to post about this, I don’t think I could! 🙂 I vote republican because taxes are always lowered when they are office… its true! but I identify more as a democrat, especially on the issue of gay marriage… I believe homosexuality is NOT a disorder and should have the right to marry just like everyone else… Its amazing to me that people care…. really?! There are SO MANY more important things to worry about…. like who the hell is going to pay for all this debt…

  3. I blame everything on the chemicals in food and our environment – but as far as pregnancies, I’d say stay away from all chemicals, eat organic and take regular vitamins months before starting to try to conceive and then while pregnant.

  4. I don’t think it has any bearing on a person’s sexuality, but I do think we need to be careful about what chemicals we allow into/near our bodies.

  5. I remember a co-teacher saying ” I am a woman trapped in a man’s body.” Every one in the faculty room burst out in laughter. But then i thought about how sad your life would be to be persecuted of being someone or something that you have no control over. Some would say it’s a matter of choice. Seriously? Did you choose to be right handed? or left handed. And how would you feel to be persecuted just because you are left handed? Let us lighten up people. But in relation to this topic. Are there environmental factors or triggers that can make a child left handed or right handed? It would be good to know! ^_^ cheers!

  6. we were actually debating on this on our Ecology class.. and I stand to my point that it is not through genetics or abnormalities but it is caused by the environment. Hormonal imbalance might have an effect on this however. But still, it is the environment that makes a person “more” into homosexuality. Because logically, it would be like saying “I was born gay and he was born male” which can turn out to be quite absurd.

  7. This is a different viewpoint, one I had never thought of. I don’t necessarily believe that diet is going to make someone gay. My personal belief as someone with a gay best friend who is around gays all the time is that you are either born gay, or you aren’t. I do think there are outside influences that could help determine. Environment always affects who we are, whether straight or gay. You gave me some really great things to think on though, and I do love other opinions because we should always be open minded and learning!

  8. I am pregnant now, and my priority is always eating healthy and not getting upset or angry. Of course, not to prevent homosexuality (I would love my child regardless and don’t know how much I believe about “turning” your child gay) but for the health and safety of my baby.

  9. Regardless of whether or not it is a cause, there SO many endocrine disruptors in the environment. It is scary. From BPA to other chemicals like pesticides. If you google “Frogs endocrine disruptors” you can read about how there is a huge increase in hermaphroditism in frogs because of things like pesticides. We have really ruined our environment 🙁

  10. My kuya and I have always talked about being close with a few gay relatives. And we’ve always understood and related it to one’s genetic make up. I may not have so much reason to back up what we believe, but we doubt that it’s environmental. Anyhow, I just hope that there will be less judging in this world because I’ve seen firsthand what it can do to anyone who was gay or lesbian.

    1. Hello Mai. I am not judging homosexuals here. I have friends and relatives who are homosexuals as well. But I would beg to differ with your statement. Homosexuality is not encoded in the GENE. The disruption of the defimination of the hypothalamus is the cause of homosexuality and the causes of the disruption are mainly environmental. Ex. Stressed mother during the first trimester, chemical exposure/intake during the first trimester are just few of the environmental factors affecting the defimination of the hypothalamus of the fetus. ^_^

  11. Old saying that my mom use to utter,”if you’re pregnant avoid getting angry too much, because if you give birth to a boy the tendency is to have a “gay” son and if it ‘s a girl it will become a “TOMBOY”. I don’t know how true but in our village maybe I would agree with my mom, we have a neighbor when she got pregnant she is always angry and now when she give birth to a boy , the boy grows up it seems he move and talk like a gay. “BATA PA KUMIKIRINGKING NA” (yun ang tawag sa kanya dito sa amin).

  12. This was quite the interesting read. I feel imperfection is the root cause of this way of life. Perhaps these males were born feeling like women and became aware of such feelings at a young age. I also agree that environmental causes can contribute to homosexuality as well. For instance I have a friend that was never a lesbian. She was a virgin and experienced her first time with a female by force. Now she’s confused. It made her feel good because our bodies naturally react to stimulation but who’s to say one day she won’t love a man because she’s never actually experienced that,

  13. The results of the studies done seems credible enough. But isn’t it that homosexuality is all there during Noah’s time. What would be the experts reason beyond ‘gays’ occurrence during those times.

  14. Being pregnant means having to be extra cautious every time. There’s a lot of tips by mothers I know about pregnancy and right now I am not remembering them because I think I will have to know and read about them myself when that time comes when it’ll be my turn.

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