Is Lugging Around a DSLR Worth the Hassle?

Is lugging around a huge DSLR camera with a tri-pod worth the hassle?
I have been asked by a lot of people directly and indirectly about the worth of lugging around my huge DSLR with a fairly heavy tripod. And my answer has always been a huge YES!
Note: My camera set up is NOT even remotely close to what professionals use. Imagine carrying a semi pro or a pro DSLR camera on your walk-around with your family.
I use a Canon 550D with a battery grip and a 24-105 mm L Lens and a Nissin external flash onboard which makes my camera weigh more or less 1 kilogram. My tri-pod is almost half a kilogram, give-or-take. So I am lugging around a camera set-up of almost a kilo and a half which may not seem a lot. But after an hour or so… you get to feel the weight.
A lot of people with I-phones and androids or powerful digital cameras would say modern gadgets take very good pictures now-a-days. And I would agree. But man you just don’t know what kind of picture quality a fairly decent DSLR(in the right hands) can produce compared to the best compact camera. ^_^ Far out!
Looking like a dweeb walking around with a DSLR mounted on a fully extended tripod on my shoulder looking for a sweet spot to take pictures with my family is worth the hassle and the embarrassment.(you’d get used to it though LOL!)  but hey… Let me show you what I mean.
So this is how I look:

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The hassle of lugging around a heavy tripod during photography is no longer new to any photographer. Others, would even choose the heaviest and the most stable tripod especially if they will be shooting on water(ie. beach, lakes) or on windy locations.

But for a non-professional photographer who just likes to shoot some scenery with the family, is it worth the hassle of carrying a tripod?

For me… it is a big YES!!! Whether your cam is a DSLR or a point and shoot camera it is always convenient to have a tripod.

1. First reason… the photographer can join the picture taking.

Have you ever gone on a trip or celebrate an occasion where some one is always missing in the photos? and then everybody just says… “oh he was the one behind the camera” LOL!

2. It won’t be such a bother asking someone you don’t know to take the photo.

A tripod won’t be complaining if you ask it to hold and shoot the camera again.

3. A tripod has got very steady hands! ^_^ LOL!

4. You would be able to pose with out holding back or feel shy knowing that the tripod won’t really mind at all.

These are some of our family shots taken using a Benro tripod.





Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^
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