Summer Photoshoot


Summer collage

Our little girl likes to pose for the camera anytime anywhere.  This is her recent pictures.  My husband was just cleaning his camera and stuff when she said, “Papa take my picture”.

As a mom I love it.  It’s something that I wanted to do when I was young, but never had the chance. Now, she’s fulfilling it for me.  She’s a natural.  She is photogenic.  Something that I am fruitlessly trying to be until now, lol.

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Songkla Zoo Photo Contest Honorary Winner



My husband’s photo of Nancy, an Orangutan “The Nancy Pose” won an honorary prize in Songkla Zoo Photo Contest. He received a certificate and free membership card.  With the card, all four of us can go to any zoo in Thailand free of admission for a year.  You might be wondering how much was the cash prize.  The truth is, there’s none.  But as what my husband said “Mai pen rai” (never mind).  For him, as an amateur photographer and an expat at that, to be chosen is already a great honor.

We are hoping that this will be an annual activity of Songkla Zoo.

We are looking forward for SONGKLA ZOO PHOTO CONTEST 2013!!


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“The Nancy Pose”:  Songkla

Zoo Photo Contest


QUESTION: Is there something you’re so thankful about, that you’d do it again for free?

“The Nancy Pose”: Songkla Zoo Photo Contest

“The Nancy Pose” was chosen as one of the preliminary winners in the Songkla Zoo Photo Contest!


I mentioned in my previous post that this is my favorite picture of all the entries, and titled it myself.

We saw the picture from the zoo’s facebook page.  I was very happy.  But my husband most especially was beside himself with excitement.  He was jumping and dancing. He said as an amateur photographer, it is already an honor to be chosen in the preliminaries.

As we read through the description though, we found out that the name of the photographer with which the picture was awarded to was not my husband’s.  It was named to another Filipino expatriate, who is a friend of ours. OMG! Welcome to Thailand.  It is so ridiculously amazing.  You just do not commit such mistake with this kind of event.  Before you release something publicly.  It has to be checked and re-checked by not just one but two or more authorized personnel.

Well anyway, all is well that ends well.  The zoo authorities were sorry and immediately corrected the mistake. Check out Songkla Zoo facebook page.

The final verdict is scheduled next week October 15 to 21, 2012. The event will take place in Lee Garden’s Hatyai, Thailand.  We are so excited with the final ranking of the photos.

I will keep you posted.

Don’t forget to drop by then.

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Songkla Zoo Photo Contest Honorary Winner
Thailand’s Next top Model

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Songkla Zoo Photo Contest

The Songkla Zoo Photo Contest is going to finish on October 3, 2012. The announcement of the winner of up to 70,000.00 baht worth of cash and goods will be posted on their bulletin boards in the zoo and on their website  What is so amazing about this is that, it is open even to expatriates like us.  This competition is very timely as my husband is into photography, a hobby he started two years ago, and the kids would love to see the animals.  The contest has 3 categories – Animals Portrait, Happy Zoo, and Waterworld.  He has 10 entries all in all for the first two categories. But sadly he does not have an entry for the Waterworld because shooting it during broad daylight needs an ND filter which he does not have. Which is also not available here and is also kinda expensive. (my husband is a budget photographer. Check out his review of his budget lenses click here)

The decision to join the contest was unanimous.  We saw this as an opportunity to pai tiaw (go around) and spend time together and to practice photography.  We love going to the zoo.  We particularly enjoy feeding the the birds, elephants, and giraffes because you can really get up close with them.  This is also a very good activity to instill in our kids the love and respect for animals and the environment.

There is one particular shot that I find very charming.  I gave the title to this picture myself.  Below is the picture of Nancy, a female Orangutan.  Check out Nancy’s photo, “The Nancy Pose”.

What do you think? Which do you like best?  Let me know…




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“The Nanny’s Pose”
Summer’s Photoshoot

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Thailand’s Next Top Model

When Summer was two years old everybody thought she was boyish.  Her wardrobes consisted of t-shirts, shorts, shoes, and rubber slippers.  She did not have a single dress.  She did not want to wear any hairclips or do anything with her hair than to wear them loose. Her playmates were boys. She played guns with them.  Her first toy was a small basketball.  She even has a basketball ring.  And whenever we go to the toy store, she was always attracted to robots, guns, and balls.  She had stuffed toys like pooh bear, and piglet but she was never attracted to Barbie dolls unlike typical little girls. She likes riding the motorbike with her dad and she likes it even better if they would ride really fast.

Somewhere at two-ish old, she was asked to be one of the flower girls to a friend’s wedding.  We were a little bit anxious that she might throw a tantrum because she does not like to wear the dress or she does not like the flower on her head.  But, the event went well.  She did not complain of any discomfort.  In fact, it was like an eye-opener for her I guess.  After that she kept bugging me with lipstick, eye colors, and nail colors.  Now, whenever we go to the store we always manoeuvre her away from the beauty stalls, or else it is going to be like tug of war.  Now she always takes notice of a person’s shoes, dress, make up, and hair.  She would tell “Mama, look she has lipstick, I want one…Mama oh the dress is soooo nice. I want to buy one….Mama, her hair is so long and nice. I want long hair too.” So I’m like OMG Summer.

Anyway, my boyish little Summer is so girlie now!  She likes to pose for the camera. She definitely knows how to project. She likes long flowing dresses.  I told my husband that Summer might fulfill my frustration in modelling.  But I will never push that idea into my daughter’s throat.  Whatever interest she’s into, I will support her 101 percent.  Below are some of Summer’s photo. As parents we may have our own different ways of raising our little ones. Feel free to post your comments, reaction, or maybe even your own way of doing things… Thanks!




Last week I had a sudden, short-lived paparazzi –like bash.    I got super excited.  It made our not so exciting stay in Bangkok to do a not so exciting work- related errand quite exciting.

While my family and I were waiting for our train, camera men and black blazer clad- politician-looking people came into Hualumpong Train Station.  There was a buzz about a high rank politician coming.  And I thought right away it should be Yingluck Shinawatra (   True enough, after a short while the media and other people hurried into the lobby like flies feasting on meat  in a frenzy.

Dying of curiosity, I went there to see for myself with my husbands  camera .  Indeed, the high rank politician referred to was Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.  I was mentally battling either to wrestle my way into barricades of human bodies or retreat at the back, and wait for a chance.  But then I thought this is my chance.  If I will let my shyness prevail, nothing will happen. I would go home thinking would have I gotten a picture of her had I tried to at least take a peep?  Well, I am so thankful I was able to brush my shyness off, and freed myself from “don’t be starstruck mentalities” for the moment though, because I was able to take three photos of her.

It felt good.  It was a feat on my part. I was able to photograph the Prime Minister in the most unlikely place with the tight security and news-voracious media men all around. The pictures may not be pixoto-quality, but it was I who took them and for me it is my most interesting/exciting capture ever!Pixoto link:


My Photos of Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra