Light Painting Photography the Essentials

Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera, or by moving the camera itself during exposure – Wikipedia.


So far I have photographed flowers and toys (Kindly click on the link to see sample photos). I have learnt a few techniques in terms of how to capture photos of flowers and toys,  as well as develop a tad bit of my own post-photo editing style. However light photography is quite different and a bit of a challenge.  Although I have tried this five years ago, I can say that I was not so satisfied by my shots.  Here are some of my earlier attempts on light painting.


My interest was recently rekindled.  Thanks to a fellow photographer (@Edson). This time we tried doing it during the night. It is important that the surroundings are dark.  I took several photos.  It was a great experience. I have learnt some unconventional methods in doing it. And I would have to say that my shots, although there are definitely rooms for improvement,  are relatively better than my earlier attempts.  Here they are.


Nitty-gritties of light painting

I took note of the fundamental essentials of light painting photography.  So here are some things I have learnt.


Camera set-up..

Note: Any DSLR camera are capable of long exposure that is needed to do light painting photography.

So, your cam must be in…

  • manual mode
  • open aperture to its largest setting
  • set shutter speed to 30 seconds or bulb mode if available
  • use remote control if not set camera timer to avoid camera shake


Things needed
Aside from your DSLR camera and tripod, the following are needed.

  • Fine steel wool (Other light source like cellphone,  flashlight can also be used, but they would not give a similar outcome. Look at the comparison above)
  • Sturdy string
  • Old metallic egg whisker (used to hold the steel wool in)
  • Lighter
  • Big umbrella (this is optional)

Important note:
If your light source is fire,  then please do this in an open space where there are little to none vegetation. It could be dangerous especially during summer.

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Restaurants With a View Koh Lanta Thailand

The sunset

Sunset in Koh Lanta, Krabi Thailand is simply impressive.  Aside from the beautiful beaches Koh Lanta is famous for,  tourists would surely enjoy its magnificent sunset. You can truly say what an amazing world we live in as you witness the sunset gradually disappear into the horizon,  and the sky displays beautiful streaks of incredible red,  magenta,  and blue patterns.  The feel you get as you witness the entire place turns in warm,  orangy hue is simply overwhelming.

Koh Lanta Sunset


One of the best places to witness this,  aside from a lazy walk along the seashore,  is to have a very late afternoon tea or an early dinner in one of the restaurants along this side of the island. This sunset was taken while my family and I were in Ploy Pailin.


The Restaurant

Ploy Pailin Restaurant

Ploy Pailin, overlooking Kantiang Bay,  is at Baan Kantiang, which is located toward the South of Koh Lanta (around 30-40 minute drive from Salandan Village in the North where tourists arrive). This tiny restaurant is located by the roadside, standing right by the cliff, and Kantiang Bay is several feet below it. And so parking is definitely a big problem but somehow tourists who want to eat here are able to find ways to creatively park their vehicles ^_^. The restaurant serves both western and Thai food. We ordered spaghetti (almost $3 ), Khaw phat chicken (fried rice, a little over $2), and some milkshakes (almost $2). I think this is a fair price.  This place is next to the more famous Noon Sunset viewpoint.

Ploy Pailin is towards the Southern, quite, more serene part of Koh Lanta.  To the North are where most hotels and accomodations are located.  During our stay we stayed at Lanta Riviera Villa Resort and Hatzanda Lanta Resort both of which are kid friendly. We came during Songkran festival but surprisingly the place was not crowded.

So aside from Ploy Pailin and Noon Sunset Viewpoint, other restaurants with a nice view of the sunset is Diamond Grill and possibly Bamboo Bay Reception Restaurant.


Have you experienced sunset in Koh Lanta?

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Gundam Collection

Japanese are known for so many things such cars and other advanced technological inventions and innovations, love for nature, Sumo wrestling, Cherry blossoms, Samurai, Sushi, Ikebana, and Anime. Aside from these, the Japanese thing that got me hooked up nowadays is the Japanese plastic models particularly Gundam.

I first saw this from a Facebook friend who is a fanatic himself. Even at first glance, Gundam hobby is totally interesting and engaging. This hobby takes more than just assembling of Gundams, here one would develop skills in panel lining, painting, and weathering. As a hobbyist, there are specific materials, and tools needed.

Today let me show you my Gundam collection.

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Colorful Night Market

Night markets in Thailand are very popular.  It is safe to say that there isn’t a place here that doesn’t have one, and it is a great place to eat at an affordable price.  Aside from getting a great value for your money,  it is also an interesting place for photography.

Here are some beautiful and colorful food in the night market.


Colorful sweets made from sweet potatoes


Yummylicious BBQ
I’m not sure what this is. I’ve tasted it though. It’s some sort of omelette, Thai version.




Cookies…confectioner coated


Hungry? Yes. Me too.

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