What I’ve Learnt Baking in an Electric Oven

I’ve always wanted to bake cakes and other goodies since i was little. And as a young child I’ve wondered how they were made, and have dreamt of doing it myself someday. Later on in life, I came to know that an oven is a must in baking. However the prices of those family-sized ovens are budget wrecker.

As a result of being a mom on a budget, hubby and I decided to purchase a single electric oven which only costs us a little over $100. This definitely is a great deal and it’s certainly within our budget. Here are things I’ve learnt baking in an electric oven.

Bought this two years back and it fits perfectly well in my tiny kitchen

+What I’ve learnt Baking in this electric oven?

  • Choose a small to medium size chicken/or any meat to roast. As hubby was also excited, the first thing he wanted to do when the oven came was to roast a chicken. And so we did. Although we chose a somewhat large chicken, it fit fine in the oven. But it took longer to roast it than what was specified in the recipe, and the browning was uneven. Maybe it would be best to opt for a small chicken-size instead.
  • Baking time oftentimes doubles and sometime triples. The first weekend after we got our oven, I baked my first moist chocolate cake. Everyone was excited! I followed the recipe to the detail since this was my first time baking in an oven, and I didn’t want to mess it up. But thirty minutes have gone by, it still wasn’t baked. And so I gave it another 15 minutes but still it wasn’t done. I was already a bit bewildered at this point and I felt disappointment slowly creeping in but I didn’t give up, and gave it another 15 minutes. And I placed a toothpick in, it came out with a bit of batter. So I gave it another 10 minutes. Then it was done!
  • Double or triple the pre-heating time. I read somewhere that in baking it is important to reach the required heat before the actual baking. So i was preheating the oven in preparation for a chocolate crinkle experiment but due to an inevitable circumstance i had to re heat the oven and had to repeat it two more times. Although I had fear the oven might explode ^_^, I did it any way thinking of that information I read from a food blog and also thinking that maybe the reason why it took a long time to bake in my previous attempts was because the oven was not hot enough to start with. Sure enough, I didn’t have to double or triple the baking time for the chocolate crinkle.
  • My oven is conventional and not convection. As it turns out this single oven we bought is conventional. Unlike convection, conventional doesn’t have a fan to circulate the heat inside the oven. This explains the uneven browning when roasting.

Having an oven no matter how tiny it is, is a dream come true for me. I’m happy to be able to bake goodies for my family. Also I’ve learned things along the way. Although it has it’s quirks, it only takes knowing how to work around it, and everything works perfectly fine.

What kind of oven do you have?

Did you have to “know it” before things ran smoothly, or was it smooth sailing right off the bat?

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Helpful Tips for Losing That Baby Weight

Happen to stare at yourself in the mirror after giving birth and wonder, “Where did my body go?” All women find themselves in this position. After carrying your child around for nine months, your body has taken quite the beating. Your baby has all but drained you and left behind stretch marks and a few pounds that you didn’t have prior to getting pregnant. You barely recognize the woman in the mirror, and as tired as you are from caring for your newborn you just really want to get back to a healthy weight.

Though it would be nice to just snap back into place after having a child that isn’t always the case. To get rid of the excess baby weight you’ll need to adopt more healthy lifestyle choices. Keep in mind, however, that everyone’s body is different. As eager as you are to bounce back to your pre-baby weight, it can take time so don’t beat yourself up. Here is some advice on how to get rid of that baby weight.


Nature seems to have a way of helping you to get your body back without much effort. For mothers who have chosen to breastfeed, you’ll be surprised to see your waistline decreasing as the weeks go on. Though it is recommended that breastfeeding women consume more calories to provide the body with energy to produce milk, those calories are being burned during the feedings. You won’t see drastic results, but it is a great start to your weight loss journey.


Are you tired of staring at that baby pouch you’ve got going on now? Well, once you’ve been given the stamp of approval by your doctor, you can try pilates to get rid of it. Working heavily on the core, there are various techniques that help women who have just given birth to strengthen those ab muscles again. Just be careful as going too fast too quickly can cause injury. There are surprising benefits to pilates toe socks and athleisure workout gear to help make you as comfortable as possible.

Skip Refined Carbs, Sugars, and Processed Foods

After having your baby it’s not uncommon to still have those crazy pregnancy cravings you used to have. As tempting as it might be to get those french fries with ice cream or double cheeseburger with extra pickles, you have to be mindful of what you’re eating. Try to stick to a diet that’s low in refined carbs, sugars, and processed foods. Eating organic and clean foods rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats are recommended. The good news is there are tons of food products and online recipes for healthy alternatives to your favorite cravings.

Get Some Rest

Okay, okay, this one might seem like a joke, but it’s necessary. Somehow, you have to find a way to get more sleep into your day. Did you know that your body actually burns calories when you sleep? If you don’t get enough of it, unfortunately, you don’t burn as many calories. Not to mention, lack of sleep reduces the amount of energy your body has to burn calories throughout the day. Poor sleep also increases your appetite, increases your urge for cravings, and increases your calorie intake causing your body to produce stubborn fat that is hard to get rid of. So, ask hubby to pitch in, older siblings, your parents, or even hire a night nanny for a few weeks to get those eight hours of sleep.

The last bit of advice for women trying to lose that baby weight is to not stress over it. Stress isn’t good on your body and can also cause weight gain. Just relax and go with the flow. You’ve just given birth which is a serious medical procedure and your body needs time to heal. Using the above tips at your own pace can help you get back to your pre-baby weight before long.

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Five Universal Baby Language

5 Universal Baby Language

While babies bring tremendous joy to mom and dad, having them especially to first time parents could mean sleepless nights too. For most parents, babies’ cry is just simply a cry.  To us, this cry could mean just about anything and it is up to us to guess what they are crying about.

My husband and I were no different from the rest of parents out there. We were exhausted, and just did not know what our then new born daughter needed.  And since we did not know anything about baby language, we were just guessing what could be wrong with her. Sometimes we got it right, but oftentimes the crying went  on, and on and on. Thus the long hours of incessant crying.

However just before I had my second child, I came across a video about baby language.  Here, it was explained that a baby’s cry is actually a form of language to communicate with their parents. I studied these sounds, applied it to my then new born son, and it definitely worked.

Being able to understand their cry is amazing! I thought it would have been a treat if I had known of this when my daughter came. I could have spared her, my husband, and myself from sleepless nights.

So for first time parents, and moms and dads to be, study these five baby language.

  1. “Neh” means hungry
  2. “Owh” means sleepy
  3. “Heh” means discomfort. This could translate to, I just peed. I pooped. I don’t like my position. I’m hot. I’m cold.
  4. “Eair” means lower gas.
  5. “Eh” means burp

Thanks to Priscilla Dunstan

Priscilla Dunstan is the lady behind baby language.  And she is the woman, parents across the world have to thank for. These five baby sounds are universal. This language holds true to all babies the world over regardless of race and nationality. It is important to familiarize these sounds for you to decipher them. So take a look at this video and learn the sounds.


Listen to these 5 Baby Language


Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

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What Happens When Mood Swinger Mom Meets Drama Queen Daughter?


The struggle is real, believe me.  The result depends on what side of the mood spectrum is Mom at that moment.

From experience a drama queen is always a drama queen at all times, may she be dealing with simple or complicated things.

The gravity of the impact lies on the mood of the moment.  When Mom is in the mood, circumstances are dealt with calmly, patiently, and even humorously. However when Mom is in a dark mood, a petty circumstance could mushroom into an atomic bomb within seconds.

As a Mom, this is a great parenting concern.  I’ve realized and seen the negative effects of my blurting out and “mismanagement” during those times when I’m in a lighter mood. But like what I’ve mentioned, it is  a tremendous task. It is a struggle that up until now is unresolved.

Moms out there who might be in the same boat as I am or if you happen to know of someone who was able to successfully overcome this, please do share your thoughts below.  It’d be deeply appreciated.

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