Make your home safe for your kids

Children are naturally curious and resourceful. You’ll never know what they will do, touch, or tinker next. They can’t help it. Jumping from one chair to another, rolling in the mud, getting dirty, playing with their saliva, sticking objects into electrical sockets, swinging on doorknobs or cupboard doors, are their kind of things. Babies and children assimilate information from the world around them through these. Call it ironic, ridiculous but this is how they learn. It wouldn’t be beneficial in the long run to prevent them from doing these. What parents can do is to make homes safe for these young people. Here are four suggestions to make our house safe for our children.


1. Using quality 60″ drawer slides for kitchen drawers, bedroom drawers, utility shed drawers are good measures to prevent accident and injuries


2. Sticking objects into electrical sockets may result to children getting electrical shock or injuries, use socket safety covers to prevent this

3. For the playroom or play area, keep walls and floor safe by putting rubber padding

4. Prevent unnecessary bumps, scrapes, and bruises from sharp edges and corners by putting edge or corner protectors



These safety prevention coupled with vigilant supervision from parents are good measures to keep children safe at home; although it is impossible to totally keep them out of harm’s way all the time.

Share with us other safety measures you do at home by commenting on the comment section below. ^_^



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