Indoor toys!

Summer and Derick both love motorbike rides.  My husband drives both of them around the village every afternoon for a joy ride.

They love it.  Most especially Derick.  It is a new experience for him.  I can see the excitement and enthusiasm in his eyes every time he rides with his dad.

So we bought them toy bikes/trikes that they can use indoors.  The first one is a glider type.  It doesn’t have a dynamo.  It is propelled by swinging the steering handles left to right. The second one runs on a motor powered by a rechargeable a battery.


Check out our video.

Please just don’t mind the clutter and writings on the wall, all courtesy of  Summer and Derick ^_^.  We don’t have a “help or a housekeeper” at home. Working parents find it very difficult maintaining a tidy place with kids around. ^_^ Cheers!

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