How To Take Care Of Garden Flowers

Like with all other garden plants, you must take care of your garden flowers if you want them to bloom and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

With garden flowers, your work doesn’t end with planting the seedlings in your garden and you must attend to your plants for the duration of their growth if you are to expect success in your gardening. While gardening should take up your entire leisure time, you need to spare some time to attend to your garden.

Below are tips on how to take care of your garden flowers.

Mulch your garden

You should mulch your garden after planting, not just during the dry season. Mulching is an essential part of garden care since it helps retain the moisture in the soil and regulates the soil temperatures as well.

Mulching also inhibits the growth of weeds in addition to adding organic matter to the soil and also helping keep the soil compact.


Water them regularly

You must ensure that your flower plants get just the right amount of water they need for their growth, not more or less. Yellowing of the leaves is good indicator of watering problems in your plants. Overwatering can cause your plants to rot while not watering them enough leads to wilting and death.

It is also important to learn the right techniques for watering your plants. Watering the leaves results into rotting of the leaves and spread of diseases. Instead, water your plants at their roots where the water is actually needed.

Deep watering technique will save you the hassle of watering your plants daily.


Improve your soil

If you have had your garden in the same location for more than two years, then you need to improve your soil since it has lost some fertility. Your flower plants will suffer from poor health if they are deprived of the essential nutrients they need for their growth.

You can improve your soil fertility by adding compost manure or organic fertilizers. Use the recommended amounts of fertilizer because putting too much in your garden alters the soil pH value and this causes death among your plants.


Protect your garden from animals

Do Deer Eat Roses, you ask? Yes. You need to protect your garden from the attack of animals who get attracted by the sweet scents from flower plants.

Animals, particularly herbivores, feed on the leaves of your flower plants and can ruin your garden.

Protect your garden flowers from animals by erecting a fence or installing a barrier around your garden. Alternatively, you can use scarecrows and animal repellent sprays around your garden.



Cut overgrown branches on your flower plants to allow for a more organized growth. Pruning also help your plants grow into shape as opposed to a wild growth that spoils the aesthetics of your landscape.

You also need to pinch your flowers symmetrically when they are young to allow them to promote branching and increase the chances of the plant growing into an overall good shape.


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Garden In The City

Garden In The City
Garden In The City

City living is comfortable and preferred by most but there is something in the country which, if given the chance, I would definitely have in the city, gardening.  There seem to be no place for it anymore.  Scarce and pricey lots and spaces have made it impossible.  Owning a big place in the city has become a privilege.  So the idea of gardening is just seem infeasible.

But then again there is nothing impossible to creative and resourceful minds. Coupled with a desire to have some organic food on the table, I made my own garden in the city.  Re-using large plastic water bottles and containers (that could not be recycled because of Phthalates), wooden cabinet, and even my kids’ baby bath tub, I planted some veggies like malabar nightshade, bitter melon, cilantro, ginger, garlic, tomato, and bell pepper.  Since then, my family has enjoyed some great, tasty, hot soup from my garden’s produce. This is my first attempt, so things are a bit topsy-turvy.  However I plan to organize things and maximize the our teeny-weeny veranda into a mini jungle as my kids would say.  My garden may not look like what it is in the country.  But for me this is a garden, a garden in the city. No matter what situation we are in we could always turn it around to our advantage.

Aside from this, there are other few things we can do/learned from gardening.

  1.  It’s a good way to teach children about plants- parts, needs, and how to take care.
  2. Watering plants is a household chore that even a 4 year old will enjoy.
  3. Planting is a tangible and great way to instill in children the love for nature.
  4. It shows children the value of eating healthy, organic vegetables.


Are you into gardening? How big is your garden, the real one or a garden in the city like mine?


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