Souvenirs for Memory Lane’s Sake


Sentimental people like me love to look back down memory lane with souvenirs kept from way back when.  My aunt used to throw birthday parties for me when I was a kid and I have so many things to remember them by.

I received so many birthday cards.  It feels good reading those birthday greetings and wishes from people dear to you.  They bring you back in time, and make you feel the emotions of those moments.  It is much like smelling a particular scent, which brings back memories and emotions as if they happened just yesterday. I also received typical gifts like hair clip sets, dolls, cute pink dresses in boxes wrapped beautifully.  It felt so good looking at those colorful boxes.  Thinking back though, those beautiful birthday gifts would have looked more personalized with cool name labels for kids.   Up until now, I still have some of those gifts I received as a  little girl like my dolls and hair clips.  I want to organized them and put them in boxes with cool name labels.  I will use these to teach my kids how to take care and value their things.

Relationships and communication are becoming impersonal, superficial, and virtual nowadays.  It is important to bring back a sense of personal touch and a bit of emotional connection in the things we do.

Make your little ones birthday extra special.  Think not just of what will happen during that day, but also think of the impact of that celebration on your dear child in the future.  Would it be something that happened in the past and remains in the past?  Would it be a celebration your kid is going to remember for a lifetime.  Make sure  to have souvenirs for them to keep.   Be sure to have these unique and memorable birthday gifts and memorabilia stacked in a box with cool name labels.



Kids in general love birthday parties and gifts, make this occasion memorable even to the tiniest detail.


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6 thoughts on “Souvenirs for Memory Lane’s Sake

  1. I save the kids cards. I also grab shot glasses from everywhere I have been. This makes people think I like shot glasses so when I get them as gifts, I put them in cupboards-only the places I have been are displayed!

  2. I agree – sometimes gifts can be too impersonal. Is that due to lack of time or lack of creativity? Or, really… lack of relationships?

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