Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth.  Taking care of your health should not be expensive with healthkart coupons.  Lately, my husband experienced so much discomfort with his right knee.  Walking, stretching, and bending is painful  and impossible at times.  The doctor said it has something to do with osteoarthritis. The most common knee problem for very active people and or people over 50. Though arthritis having  no known cure and my husband still very far away from the age of 50 his doctor has advised him to have a different exercise set and some knee support. He was also advised to even out height to weight ratio.


Other important changes he has to take include the following

  • Cut the meat intake and eat a balanced diet and even out height to weight ratio
  • He is prohibited from eating nuts and legumes.
  • He has to reduce the number of times he plays basketball.
  • Use a different form of exercise
  • Taking supplementary vitamins good for general health
  • He has to wear a knee support for the time being to ease the discomfort.


knee pad


Getting sick could mean a great strain in the family’s finances.  Prevention is definitely better than cure.   Although some supplementary health vitamins and medical supports and equipment are expensive if you buy straight up from the store you could use coupon codes.  Coupon codes will give you a chance to avail for big discounts, freebies, and special offers.  Before you buy any health products and equipment, check out coupon codes first.


Do share your health regimen.




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9 thoughts on “Health Is Wealth

  1. The best Knee pads for basketball can also be used for preventive purposes. They are meant to help you avoid injuries and unnecessary risk.
    Hi, I find reading this article a joy. It is extremely helpful and interesting and very much looking forward to reading more of your work.

  2. The husband and I are both in serious need of a diet and lifestyle makeover. One thing we should really cut down on is sugar, particularly from sweetened drinks, and fast food. Yikes. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a much-needed nudge towards the right direction.

  3. I have been eating less carbs and less meat and more veggies and including fiber in my diet as well as exercise on my routine.

    and I agree prevention is better than cure 🙂

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