Loom Band Craze

Lately, loom band making has been keeping me busy among other things.  The set was bought for my daughter. It was not long, though, before she got bored with it.  The steps are too intricate for a 5 year old. So I took over, and found it interesting and addicting.  Here are my loom bands..tada!


As I was doing the different designs, Summer, got interested and eventually managed to make a fishtail loom band.

What loom band design do you like best?



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12 thoughts on “Loom Band Craze

  1. I always wanted to try loom band but then I am afraid that I can’t stop once I made one Lol! I like the mermaid braid and funburst design. It will be so cute if you personalize names too using loom bands:-)

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