Kayaking: What You Need to Bring

One of the major outdoor activity we had recently was kayaking. Kayaking is to move across a body of water through a kayak, which is low-to-the-water with double blade paddles, and paddlers sits forward with legs in front. Kayaking started with the Inuit as a way for hunting and fishing. And through the years kayaking became a sport, and nowadays people kayak for recreational purposes. In our case, we kayaked in a river called Wang Sai Thong in Langu district, Satun, Thailand. This is the major activity in this part of Satun, Thailand. 

Satun is one of the provinces in Southern Thailand, rich with natural beauty and resources like lush green rainforest, waterfalls, caves (Phu Pha Phet and Chet Cot); rivers, and a must go beaches; one of these is Koh Lipeh. Aside from this, the “disappearing tribe” of Thailand called the Sakai tribe can also be found here.

We went kayaking with our children, and of course they were beyond themselves with excitement. The first time we went there, they were still too young to go on a kayak. But this time, we thought they could already handle it, since the water was not so rough. If it was, we would not risked it for sure.

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Diverse Outdoor Activities for Children

Having gone there, done it; here are some of the things that we found important.

1. Bring your own kids life jackets. Usually life jackets are available and are provided by the accommodation, however,  the sizes may not be the right fit. It is essential that life jackets fit, otherwise it could be uncomfortable and could possibly ruin the moment. And also it could restrict movement as well as block ones view of the surroundings. And another thing, if you are super particular about hygiene I think having your own life jacket is a great idea.

2. Wear a comfortable attire.  Most of the kayaks used here are sit-on-top,  with the foot rest almost the same level as the seat. So wearing jean shorts or other attire made of stiff fabric can be very uncomfortable and could cause abrasions on the skin. Cottony shirts and shorts are fine. Beachwears like top-bottom set,  burquini-type and wet suite-type beachwears are also great. One-piece or bikinis might be a little too much for the culture here,  and besides it won’t give so much protection in case the kayak tips over.

3. Anti-mosquito lotion. The place is surrounded by greeneries and water; two things mosquitoes love the most. Protect yourself from malaria and other diseases brought by mosquitoes. Anti-mosquito lotion is available in convenience stores and other SkinStore.

4. Pain relieving ointments. You would find this really handy and helpful as muscles would be stiff and sore the next day or even a few hours after. Wang Sai Thong river is 7 to 10 kilometers long, this could be a lot for the not so trained muscles.

5. Water-proof camera. Yes, yes, yes! Document every moment of it, every scream, every laughter; capture the emotions, the beauty, as well as the risks.

Oh by the way, the kayaks are generic. There are no special kayaks for our little ones. That’s why our children had to go with a guide.

Have you gone kayaking? Where? How was the experience?


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31 thoughts on “Kayaking: What You Need to Bring

  1. Hi Ms. Elle!
    First of all, I need to buy one Water-proof camera for sure as my old one is useless now before I plan for kayaking. Thanks for sharing some great tips!

  2. Hi, i’m planning to do kayaking at Wang Sai Thun waterfalls too. Can you share with me the contact of your travel agency and cost? Many thanks

    1. Hi Grace. We went there ourselves. We love to explore and we were not accompanied by an agency. Tell me where you’ll be coming in from so I can give you specific instruction and direction.

  3. i did kayaking once when I was in camp as a kid. This is good advice and definitely anti-mosquito I feel like I been getting bit up all summer.

  4. We’ve never been Kayaking. It does look like so much fun. I’m glad you have this post and added a list of things to bring with you. Life jackets is my number 1 too.

  5. We go kayaking like once a week and love it! We will even pack lunch and drinks and spend 8-10 hours on the river checking ou different swimming holes in Idaho. We love it!

  6. I’ve never gone kayaking but a lot of my friends do and find it really fun. I’m not super outdoorsy but this is definitely something to try one day!

  7. I used to go Kayaking A LOT when I lived at home with my parents in WY – I am not a fan of water – it terrifies me, but I still managed to do it as long as I never tipped over! LOL!

    1. Lol. Same here. We were very careful and although we got stuck a few times, the kayak did not tip over.

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