Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls: Satun Thailand

Destination: Wang Sai Thong

Location: Nam Phut, La-ngu District, Satun 91110 (7°05’23.4″N 99°54’35.1″E

Wang Sai Thong falls is a great place to freshen up from the scorching hot weather of the summer.  This beautiful waterfalls known for its limestone minerals calcified on rocks, pool basin, and fallen tree branches is located at Moo 10, Baan Whang Na-Nai | Nam Phut, La-ngu, Satun Thailand 91110.  It is an hour and a half drive from Hatyai City. It is off the beaten track and going there without any help from a GPS, a map, or some friends who have been there could be a little confusing as there are numerous turnings as you enter the road going to La-ngu and away from the main road. For first timers, it’s better to venture this place with a GPS, or a detailed map, or be with people who know the area.

It has three levels of cascading,very cold waterfalls which drops into a wide pool of flowing fresh water.  What sets this waterfalls apart from other waterfalls in the south of Thailand is the presence of calcified limestone minerals on rocks, pool basin, and fallen tree branches; so your feet grip on to these which makes climbing up and going down easy and safe.  Aside from this, the pool at the foot of the waterfall are definitely wide but are not deep so it is safe even for kids to stay, play, and splash water around.

The waterfall is hidden under canopies of big, tall trees so it is a good place to picnic with family and friends as the place remain cool all throughout the day.

The place is open 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday.  It has a souvenir shop and restrooms which they need to improve immensely.

To give you a visual of the place take a look at this video.


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17 thoughts on “Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls: Satun Thailand

  1. What a beautiful place and a great getaway location. Those waterfalls caught my eye too. They are quite unique.

  2. This is interesting, I’ve never seen small waterfalls like this, not to say play in it. It feels so safe that I don’t mind exploring it! As long as it’s not flooded with tourists, that it!

  3. this look so perfect for the summer! i haven’t been to thailand for years! this makes me wanna go back! will be sharing this post for my friends who live and work there so they can visit it as well!

  4. I really want to visit Thailand soon. It’s one of the places on my bucket list. I want to go there to travel alone or with the kids. I am not sure yet. If ever, I think Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls is a good place to go!

  5. I’m not much of an outdoors person but even I can appreciate the beauty and calmness of this place. Wow, Thailand must be a truly beautiful place to visit one day!

  6. The rooms are very comfortable, with a small seating area in each. The hotel is on the main road in Satun so restaurants etc are easily accessible.

  7. Off-beaten path indeed! It would such an adventure to find this place. I hope there is tour group that would accommodate foreigners like me to visit that place. It would be hard for me to venture on my own to get there.

  8. Interesting how people can walk in one of the middle tiers of a waterfall. I can imagine how very refreshing the water there feels especially after a long walk during a hot day.

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