Host a Baby Shower the Budget-Friendly Way



When a mom is expecting, it’s normal etiquette for one of her close friends to throw a baby shower for her. If you are that friend, you may be concerned about the expenses that you may incur by hosting a baby shower. Remember, the main point of the baby shower is for everyone to have fun and bring out the excitement that the mom and her friends experience as they anticipate the new arrival.

Use Electronic Invitations

Using electronic invitations is your first step to baby shower savings. Instead of spending money on cards and postage stamps to mail out the invitations, send an electronic invitation instead. You can use sites such as evite or anyvite to send the invitations to the people you would like to have at the shower.

Check with Friends and Family for Decorations

If you have friends who have already had baby showers, considering asking them if you can use their old baby shower decorations. Often, people their baby shower decorations in good shape as a way of remembering the occasion. Make sure you are just as conscientious with their decorations as they would be.

If you want to be a little more creative you might consider hanging sturdy string that criss crosses across the ceiling of a room and hanging baby items on the string. Invite baby shower gusts to bring their own items to hang.

Save On Food

Save money on baby shower food by making your own fruit, veggie and cheese trays. If you stick to fruits and vegetables that are in season, you can save more money than if you try to buy those items when they aren’t in season. Save even more money by buying the fruits and vegetables at the local market stall.

Instead of buying a cake, consider making cupcakes for the baby shower. Learn to love fondant by watching tutorials on YouTube and you’ll soon be making gorgeous cupcake tops for expectant mom.

Don’t use paper plates and plastic cups. Instead use regular dishes. If you don’t have enough dishes of your own, ask a few of the guests to bring additional dishes for the event. The dishes will be mix and match, but the rest of the baby shower theme decorations will help the event to maintain a unified look and feel.

Give Small Potted Plants As Party Favors

Giving small potted plants to the baby shower guests is a simple, yet meaningful idea for a baby shower party favour. Small plants are reminiscent of the fragile nature of infancy. They are also a reminder of how baby’s need our nurturing and love in order for them to grow in a healthy way.

Check with your local garden shop to see what types of plants they think would be suitable for this this purpose in your area. You might also consider checking with native plant organizations such as Plantlife and Habitat Aid to see if they have recommendations for plants you might give out for people in your area. Not only will you be providing unique party favours, but you will be helping the environment as well. If you need a little extra cash for this, consider instant loans.

Simple, Silly Games Are the Best Baby Shower Games

You won’t have to worry about baby shower games stretching your budget. The best baby shower games are simple, silly ones that get everyone talking and laughing. You shouldn’t have any problem finding an endless supply of ideas for baby shower games on the Internet. However, here are a few of the sillier ones you may want to consider:

  • Smear a candy bar on a diaper and see if the guest can guess what type of candy bar it is.
  • Have the guests try to guess how many pieces of candy are in a baby bottle.
  • Bob for baby bottle nipples

Keep the mood of the baby shower fun, silly, and work on ways to get people to talk and participate and you’ll give the expectant mom a baby shower to remember.



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14 thoughts on “Host a Baby Shower the Budget-Friendly Way

  1. thanks for the tips, mitch!

    it’s really best to be practical these days when organizing parties. the e-invites & pots of plants as giveaways are good, earth-friendly ideas. 🙂

  2. I have two friends who are expecting and it’s really important that I think of wise ways of celebrating without spending too much.

    I love your fruits idea, it’s matipid and a yummy treat. Plus its very healthy for the celebrants.:) I also love the game especially the diaper game haha! I am actually imagining putting grossy looking candies on the diapers haha!:)

    Thanks again, and this helped me a lot!:)

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