Our Family’s Precious Weekend

For parents who are very busy, weekends are tremendously precious.  So during weekends, we take the opportunity to bond as a family…. in the zoo.  It is our favorite destination this year.  Aside from it houses numerous number of various animals, it also has a huge pool which I will be blogging in a few days.  On top of these reasons, we get to go there for free.  Why? click here for the answer.

In the past whenever we go there, we take bunch and bunch of pictures of the animals, but we only had a few family pictures.  So now, we have these….



We also got the chance to feed them.


The kids had fun.

It was fun.

It was educational.




How about you? How was your weekend?

Please leave your comments and creative responses below.

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22 thoughts on “Our Family’s Precious Weekend

  1. It looks like your family had a fun relaxing weekend. I went to a huge concert on Friday night after my daycare kids left. A friend and I took her 2 kids (10 & 6) and one of their friends who was also 10. The tickets were only $10 and the concert went from about 7 until Midnight – and it was super loud since it was heavy metal, rock and rap (8 different bands) – but it was a lot of fun & I got 2 new CD’s to enjoy (they were NOT heavy metal, rock OR rap!!! LOL) =D

    If you ever get a chance to come to Omaha, NE (middle of the US) be sure to visit our zoo – Henry Doorly Zoo. It’s an award winning international zoo with lots of FUN exhibits – it takes an entire day to get through. http://www.omahazoo.com

    Thanks for stopping by GivingNSharing this weekend – I’ve followed you back on LF’s.

  2. Educational and fun are always the perfect combination. 🙂

    Glad you had a nice weekend. I’m visiting today from the Harvest of Friends hop.

  3. Truly, weekends must be a sacred time for families, specially for working parents. This is the only time when they can have plenty of quality time with their kids.

    I am leaning to bring Yesha at either Malabon Zoo or Avilon Zoo here. I’ve been to Malabon Zoo already, so most probably we’d go the latter.

    1. Going to the zoo is a good experience for them. It is educational and without knowing it, we are instilling in them the importance of nature and animals.

  4. Oh you have so much fun! I LOVE it!
    We need to be having fun with our family too, a lot more!

    My weekend was fun though. Soccer, Building stuff at Lowes with the kids, and sadly we didn’t get to visit the Science museum like we wanted to. No parking. ugh.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful zoo. Where is this? My daughter loves visiting to places like this. So far, we’ve been to different kinds of zoos here in Manila, but the most unforgettable was the one in Subic.

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