CEO of Love: Wedding Invitation Card DIY

Planning a wedding is like running a company. You’re the CEO of LOVE, Inc.

Having a wedding planner is one one good way to ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding.  But this could mean a large cut-out on your pay check as wedding planners do not come cheap.

However, who would need a wedding planner if you’ve got a bunch of talented friends ready at all times to lend you a hand.  A friend who got married not so long ago definitely did not fell short of helping hands.  one beautiful wedding item which was intricately and meticulously handcrafted by her friends was the wedding invitation cards.

Days and nights were spent cutting the materials, printing, placing each and every bit of tiny details into this beautiful wedding invitation card.


CEO of Love: Wedding Invitation Card DIY
CEO of Love: Wedding Invitation Card DIY

Thank you to my dearest friend Louis for allowing me to feature this.


Could you share a photo of your wedding invitation card?

What kind of wedding invitation card do you have in mind for your dream wedding?

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2 thoughts on “CEO of Love: Wedding Invitation Card DIY

  1. A weeding planner plays a important role in running a wedding ceremony smoothly and without any kind of stress.Hopefully My best friend is a professional in this sector and for him my wedding night was carried amazingly and without any stress.
    Thanks for this amazing post

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