Dogs are man’s best friend. They have these innate loyalty and loving character which are just extremely endearing.

We had a dog before name Blacky.  Like her name, she was as black as a pit.  She was from a local breed, nothing fancy about her.  But we loved her just as much.  I remember her slick, sleek, short black hair.  She had a long tail that wagged at the sight of us.  So we were totally devastated (my Dad even cried) when she died of old age, at least that’s what we thought.  Thinking of it in retrospect, her health gradually declined after she got hit by a motorbike. Living in the countryside without accessible veterinary help, and anyway, Blacky got up, walked as if nothing had happened, we all let it passed as something okay.

Anyway, I am just glad that nowadays, there are widespread proliferation of information about dogs and other animals.  Even in third world countries veterinary clinics, medicine, and vaccines are available.

Let’s equal our dog’s love and loyalty, or perhaps give even more.  They deserve all the care from us.

Don’t you think?

Photograph by Tarik Mahmutovic



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