Baby #59

sewage baby

This is the incubator name where the Chinese sewage baby boy is now recuperating.

He incurred minor bruises and cuts. But generally speaking, he is Ok.

As I was watching the video two days ago, I felt a lot of mixed emotions.  My first reaction was ” OMG, if you don’t like to rear the baby have him/her for adoption”. I pity the little, helpless  angel so much. My goodness, I can just imagine the dirt and germs around. This is very degrading.  He is a human being for crying out loud, not some kind of insect.

On the lighter side, when the divine, supernatural force intervenes nothing is impossible.  The baby survived this ghastly, horrible ordeal unscathed. He could have died of asphyxiation, or could have been contaminated by whatever bacteria in that sewage.

This is a sad reflection of humanity’s profanity and weaknesses as a whole.  This should not be treated as of the Chinese community alone because reality bites, this is rampantly happening all over the world across all races and religions. STOP RELIGIOUS HYPOCRISY! World leaders and religious people alike should look at this issue of sex and abortion with open mind. Set aside political and religious agenda, and just deal with the problem head on with logic and humanitarian disposition.


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25 thoughts on “Baby #59

  1. Hi Mitchelle! I’m a new reader to your blog so I thought I’d leave you a comment here just to let you know I like what you’re doing. Expect to see a few more comments from me appearing 😉

  2. I just finished reading a book called Hidden Under Her Heart by Rachelle Ayala, it had some good thoughts about why women abort unborn and new born babies. This story and this little boy are just heart breaking, but strong too.

  3. I super hate it when I learned about this on TV. Really heartbreaking. All the more I believed that God really commissions angels to guard the young ones. It’s a miracle that this poor little boy made it!

  4. It was a gut-wrenching news. I was really saddened and disgusted (at the people who neglected the baby) when I have read the news. Thank God the baby’s okay.

  5. awww thank God that this little angel is alive!. It really breaks my heart reading this post.. I can’t believe that some parents/people can do this to their own child. 🙁

  6. I saw that in the news. Poor little angel. 🙁 May he find a loving family soon. You’re right, it happens not only in China. Even here in the Phils, babies are being left on the road/tree/church/tricycle, you name it.

  7. Sorry I haven’t seen the video, mahina ang loob ko sa mga ganyan bagay. I know there is this 1-child policy in China so perhaps this is the reason why the mother did this to her baby.

  8. It breaks my heart seeing or even hearing things about babies in a similar condition. I promised to myself I will always take care of my future babies, love them with all my heart and provide everything I can. Hubby and I did for our first child and continues to our coming 2nd baby. Inshallah!

  9. reality bites indeed! as a mother it hurts to see babies like this. like wlng kalaban laban because of a mistake why they cant let this baby live right? Happy to see this baby survived! god bless this baby!

  10. This is the living proof of God’s Miracle. If in case the reason of the mother for doing such act is the law about 1 child policy of that country hopefully this will waken up them to change that policy

  11. I wonder why the parent threw away the baby boy. Maybe it’s because of the one-child policy in China or because of financial issues. Regardless, this must be the “one” Lord Voldemort has spared. Hihi ^_^

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