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SAHMs and WAHMs blog for various reasons.  For some blogging is a way to express themselves and may be a way to keep them preoccupied while waiting for time to tick by.  For others, it could be these and more.  Nowadays, blogging is a good way to earn that needed extra money for the family. It may be nothing compared to some corporate income, and it may come in trickles especially in the beginning but a well-maintained and well-written blog pays off well eventually. For moms like me who sees blogging as both a way to keep abreast with things and a means to eke out my family’s fiances, Triangle Direct Media is a great partner, a great help.

Just like any other company, marketing is an important tool in blogging.  First and foremost is your blog’s content. It must be well-written and up to date.  Second, you must not forget the power of social media.  It is the most popular media nowadays, and so it is a great way to make your blog known.  Next, if you have the financial capacity you could also have your blog advertise in social media.  Finally, SEO.  It stands for search engine optimization.  This is one significant tool you can use to make your blog known globally.  For a successful blog, it is best to market your blog properly.

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