Ending the year with a BANG!

I have been dormant for the past few months both from photography and blogging due to a very hectic schedule. I moved to a University just recently leaving my beloved Anubans(Kindergarten) and Pratom(Graders) students with a heavy heart. That also meant moving to another city. Although my new city is not that far from the previous one but the new work took a lot of my time adjusting to the new work schedule of the University and of course the transition from teaching primary students to tertiary.

December came in a flash, and before I knew it Christmas day was over. Being in a Buddhist country that’s how it is but they do celebrate the New Year with a BANG! And that places fireworks in the equation.

So I opened some YouTube tutorials on how to photograph fireworks. It’s a first time for me so I really needed some information/idea on how to do it. I came upon Fro Knows Photo’s tutorial and God knows how I tried so hard to do what he did. So here are the better shots I got.


My first Blog for 2014! Hurrah!


Ending the year with a BANG!

Taken with a Canon 550D with an 18-55mm IS kit lens











How did you celebrate your New Year?  Do share, and get a free 2014 calendar featuring my picture of a Buddhist Temple. Include in the comment your email address.




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My Prayer For 2014



I pray for blessings not just for my family, but for all who have similar longings and hopes for their family.

So, I summon all the positive feelings, and all the positive thoughts  in the universe to make these aspirations come true.


1.  Happy family that stays together as one

2.  Good health for each of my family members, relatives, and friends

3.  Wisdom and patience to raise our kids to their fullest potential, and discipline them to become emotionally intelligent individuals

4.  Safe from mishaps, disasters and natural calamities

5.  Successful career, business, and blogging

6.  Good health and business success to my employer and her family

7.  Strength and resiliency for whatever loss in 2013

8.  Lesser if not no corruption in the government around the world


Do share your prayers for this year.

Bountiful 2014

cheers ^_^




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