How Can You Transform Your Box Braids into Amazing Hairstyles

Changing hairstyle and haircut bring a lot of positivity and freshness to a person’s overall look. With this change, you feel more motivated and confident. There are various ways to bring this change in your look and a very amazing one is to get your hair dyed in different colors. Hairstyles and haircuts keep evolving with fashion, there are some cuts and styles which are classic and can stay in fashion for a very long time. Even though, the classic is the best, however, if you don’t change your haircut or hairstyle for a long time, you yourself become bored and exhausted of looking at it every other day.

Everyone has their own hair texture and they wear their hair accordingly. Hair styles and haircuts also vary according to the race, customs and region where a person is living. Some hair styles suit light hair tones the best and others are more suitable for darker hair. If you have dark hair then box braids styles are just the right option for you. This hair style is super versatile and incredibly attractive. It has the downright edge and has the right twists as well. It can suit anyone from little girls to adult women. The box braids are indeed a true style statement no matter what age you are. If you are looking to enhance your look and adopt a versatile look for your hair, you can check Burgundy Box Braids to get some ideas for you.

Mostly people already have the braids and others are looking to get some ideas and spice up the looks. People always want to flaunt a flawless look but very few of them figure out the ways which are just right for them. There is a loose updo which is stylish yet relaxed and fit for all circumstances. All you need to do is to get all the braids and twist them up in a loose updo and you are all set to go. This hairstyle can set both for formal or a casual gathering. If you have long braids you can also use them to tie a high bun in place. When you combine think box braids and small box braids it creates a very compelling hairstyle which can work for nearly all situations. There are many great examples of a high bun in which you can twist your perfectly styled box braids in a high bun.

Hair are the most prominent part of anyone’s personality and indeed the most neglected part as well. Your hair give the personality and add charisma to you. An average person, do not get the same team to prepare you for the public appearance every morning like a celebrity and model gets each time before they appear on the television. Therefore, it completely relies on you that how you choose to flaunt your personality and enhance it by choosing a different hairstyle every now and then.

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Kid’s Hairstyle for the Summer

Summer is here.  It is not just hot, it is very hot.

As you think of different activities or plan for places to visit this summer, do not forget to consider the following sunblock lotion, sunglasses, hats, or even umbrellas.  The temperature is just insanely unbearable.  It is better to keep umbrellas in hand.  It is no longer practical to walk under the heat of the sun unprotected.

Kids are also vulnerable to Miliaria, better known as prickly heat.  The neck, nape, and back are the most susceptible part of the body.  To prevent this, make sure that your kids are always clean and fresh.  Taking a bath in the morning and before bedtime would be good. Let your kids wear loose shirts or dresses for the summer as this will allow air to flow freely  preventing damp cloth from clinging unto the skin. For girls who have long hair should keep their hair tidy.  Braiding your kid’s long hair would be a good way to keep the neck and nape fresh and well aerated.  Here are different hair braiding styles to choose from. Take your pick ^_^












Do you know how to braid? I would love to hear from you.


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Hairstyle a la Frozen

Summer, probably just like any other kids, is very much hooked up with Walt Disney’s latest craze, Frozen.

She tries to memorize and sings the song. Even Derick who only picks up the last syllable of a word sings along with her.

With the movie comes, of course, the frozen dolls.  Summer upon seeing these beautiful Frozen dolls was totally thrilled and wanted to have one as well.  Here’s the difficult part, saying no.  Well, we  simply told her that she just had a new Barbie doll as a birthday present which was just two weeks ago. Even if Frozen dolls are the latest trend, it doesn’t mean she has to have one.  She already has toys, and she should be happy with what she already has.   She was okay with this. (Thankfully)

So instead of sulking over what she could not have, she asked me to braid her hair similar to Elsa.  She likes it.  She said she wants to have powers like Elsa. She took a grass from the school playground, and fashioned it into a tiara….. very imaginative huh.




How do you find Disney’s newest, Frozen? Are your kids into it?

How do you say NO to your  kids?




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Help! Chuay Duay!