A Mother’s Perspective on a Brave Soldier’s Reply Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Twitter Comment

I am touched by a soldier’s reply to Gwyneth’s twitter comment.

She said:   “You come across [online comments] about yourself and about your friends, and it’s a very dehumanizing thing. It’s almost like, how in war, you go through this bloody dehumanizing thing…”

Bryan Sikes, a green beret replied I could see how you, and others like you in “the biz”, could be so insecure and mentally weak that you could pair the difficulty of your life on twitter to my brothers who have had their limbs ripped off and seen their friends shot, blown up, burned and disfigured, or wake up every morning in pain – while just starting the day is a challenge. How about our wives? The ones that sign on to be there for us through thick and thin, that help us to shake the hardships of war upon our return? And do all this while being mothers to our kids, keeping bills in order because we are always gone, and keeping our lives glued together. They do all this, by the way, without a team of accountants, nanny’s, personal assistants, and life coaches. Yeah, reading a mean tweet is just like all that…..” 


Why am I touched by this?

…. the acknowledgment of oftentimes unnoticed, unrecognized chores/things ordinary wives and mothers do on a daily basis from a man’s or a husband’s perspective is just heartwarming… mind you there are many who think that these things/chores are  part and parcel of being a wife or a mother and so are not something grand to be grateful about.


…. not all men are taken by beautiful looks and sexy bodies, who can just do, say whatever they want and get away with it .


…. it humbles me. It makes me think of how petty my complaints are about the inconveniences in my own personal and family life.


…. it makes me look at the beautiful things in life.


Angelina Jolie’s perspective is a lot better: “I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn’t complain,” “Consider all the people who really struggle and don’t have the financial means, don’t have the support, and many people are single raising children. That’s hard.”



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To view the full letter of  Bryan Sikes to Gwyneth Paltrow please click here.


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