When do you say “Enough is enough!” in business?

Often times we hear TV personalities/entrepreneurs say on air “Never give up on your dreams.”. Or business tycoons get quoted as saying “The hardest part in business is starting up.”. but when does one say “Enough is enough?

While it is  given that a business venture be it a large scale or a small scale business is a gamble. There are no sure winners or losers in this field. We have seen the worst business proposal go boom and hit big, and we have also seen the most airtight, sure fire, sure hit business proposal tank and sink.

These scenarios create some sort of  confusion in the newbie entrepreneur department. So when do we say “Enough is enough.” ?

We are into business ourselves and we have shifted from one business into another. From Amway to Mary Kaye. From buying and selling to selling homemade somethings. LOL! As of the present we are lucky enough to be hooked in by one of my husband’s students in buying and selling Samsung Home Appliance and Home Entertainment Systems. It is not that much but it helps the family budget nonetheless.

The fear of investing hard earned money drives people crazy. Some people become paranoid with just about every petty little problem that comes in the way. Some people start to lose weight due to pressures. Others start to gain weight. Some become grouchy and unapproachable, and there are others who become reclusive.  Despite these, it’s time to morph and shed off whatever fear we have if we want to move up the financial ladder.

So, when do you say enough is enough?


push…move forward


Here’s a true story about one of Thailand’s billionaire, who believed and followed his dreams by hook or by crook.  I hope you will be inspired by this as I am.





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