Traumatic Breastfeeding Experience

One important milestone of parenthood that became so traumatic for us was breastfeeding. Breastfeeding or nursing is the feeding of babies or children with mother’s milk. The health benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother are widely known by many. Despite some occasional negative feedback by others, there is no doubt in our minds that it is the best option for babies.

As first-time parents this is as much as we know. Little do we know that nursing is not at all that easy.

Surely it is not easy and we’ve learnt enormously the HARD WAY as we went along the journey of parenthood.


Our traumatic experience

Nursing our first born was agonizing especially during the first few weeks. While in the hospital my breasts were extremely hard and painful. Milk wasn’t coming out. My daughter was crying her eyes out of frustration and hunger. It went on like this for 6 days, my nipples were sore and bleeding. We were emotionally distressed, drained, and exhausted. So we decided to sneak in formula milk just to feed our baby.

The weeks that followed my breasts were still too bruised. And because we are firm believers of the benefits of mother’s milk, breast pumping was the best option. Even with this, it was still trial and error before we found the right breast pump. Had I known that it is not that simple I would have checked out best breast pump reviews. This would have saved us the time and money.

In this age of information this kind of dilemma shouldn’t have been a bother. For Mommies-to-be, the internet is inundated with helpful information and tips from experts and experienced mothers to ease problems some mothers are experiencing in their journey as parents.

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Ways on How to Regain your Body Shape After Pregnancy

Regain your body shape within the first month after giving birth!!!!

I will share with you some effective ways on how to regain your shape after birth.  Shedding off unwanted pounds have always been the most difficult task ever.  It entails a lot of discipline and patience on our part.  This is where most of us fail every time.  I have not encountered an overnight solution to any unwanted fats may it be antepartum or postpartum.  Seeing amazing results within the first month after giving birth will surely stretch our patience and strengthen our resolve to continue and not throw what we have started.

Some of my Thai friends shared these with me.  And now I am sharing these with you.  On the first month after birth our regular exercise is out of the question. As it may not be good healthwise.  Here are some minute but proven effective ways, the Thai way….

1.  Drink Warm Water ONLY.  The rationale behind drinking warm to hot water as oppose to drinking cold water is that warm to hot water can speed up our metabolism and burn more calories.  So the moment you are transferred to your maternity room drink a lot of warm to hot water right away.  This will also help clear plugged ducts, a common problem during lactation.

This means no cold sodas, no smoothies, no fruit shakes, and/or any other form of cold and calorie-rich beverages.  Whenever you have the cravings, just think that you had enough of these before, and you can have them again later (in moderated amount) when you have already achieved your goal.  At this crucial point in your life, you just have to say NO to them.

2.  Eat Hot, But Not Spicy Food.  Now is not the time to diet.  But we just have to choose the right food.  While it’s true that we get hungry easily, it’s a wrong notion to eat more than our usual just because you are lactating.  We do not need to eat EXTRA.  We need to take in our usual food serving, but double or triple our fluid intake depending on our body’s needs.  That means more soup.  Hot soup!

Lactogenic food includes young, unripe papaya, banana shoots, pepper and ginger ( moderation), turmeric, grains and legumes, dark, green leafy vegetables, carrots, and raw nuts.

3.  Wear Hot Pads or Put warm Big, Flat Rocks on your Abdomen.  Instead of using the super tight and itchy girdle, use this.  According to Thai women, this would help get rid of ALL the blood in the uterus.  It would also help burn the extra, super-stubborn  fats on our abdomen.

4.  Control Room Temperature.  For most Thai women, no fan and no air condition after birth.  This will not only hasten your metabolism, it will also prevent plugged ducts.

5.  Bathe in Warm Water with herbs.  So  I think it would be nice to invest on a good piece of heater for the house.  It is good to have a warm bath after a tiring day, or on cold seasons.  It is also important during postpartum body reconditioning.

6.  Thai After-Birth Spa. Women who had normal delivery can avail this a week after.  For women who had Caesarian-section can have this a month after.  This is a special massage offered by most Spa Centers in Thailand.  I came to know about this only after I already had my two kids.  It would have been a treat.

7.  Breastfeeding.  It surely has a lot of benefits.  Mama’s milk is the BEST food for your baby.  According to studies and speaking from my own experience, breastfeeding helps you lose weight.  Aside from this, the bond between mother and child is strengthened.

8.  Take care of your baby yourself.  Spent that one to three months maternity leave caring for your baby without help.  There is no better way to start your weight loss program than to dance your baby to sleep, waking during the wee hours to feed him, and  doing household chores.

Always remember little things make a whole lot of difference.  This challenging journey towards your goal begins with a single step.  There is no better day to take that first step than NOW.