Summer’s My Little Pony Dolls

Summer has been bugging me about My Little Pony Dolls for months.  All her friends in school have these very cute dollies.  But my husband and I work from sunrise to sundown.  Our schedules are quite tight. So it took us months before we were able to give her these. Summer watches my little pony in Youtube during her free time, that is after doing her homework.  The theme is appropriate for young people.  She picks up additional English vocabularies, and is trying to imitate some of the characters. I have a link below, try to see if you would like your kids to watch it.




These are Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie.  Summer likes Princess Celestia because she is a princess, and she possesses great powers.  Pinkie Pie has a happy, boisterous character, reason why Summer does not like her.  But she imitates how Pinkie Pie laughs, giggles, or screams.





This is Rainbow Dash.  Summer adores her.  I even like her character too.  She has this rainbow colored hair, and very powerful wings.  I guess the idea of being able to  fly gives us a sense of freedom and power.  Something that every human being desires.




Summer and her favorite Rainbow Dash.  I just hope she won’t think of copying Rainbow Dash’s colorful hair.



Summer and the gang.


I realized that I could shop online with almost anything we need at home, not just children toys.  This would certainly give me more extra time to spend with my kids, go out with my husband on a date which we have not done for ages, or just simply hang out with my girlfriends.

I have Summer’s insistence on buying these Little Pony dolls to thank for.  Otherwise, I would still be juggling my schedule just to fit all I need to do in twenty-four hours, which by the way is not enough.

Times, indeed,  have become complicated and hectic.  But there are ways and means to make things simple and leisurely.  We just need to be creative and resourceful, taking advantage of the many conveniences modern times have to offer.


Do you have similar realizations/discoveries  lately? Do share



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11 thoughts on “Summer’s My Little Pony Dolls

  1. That’s the advantage of online shopping. Though I still find the e-commerce shops in our country are still not as interactive as those in the US and similar countries. Most of the online stores still ask for bank deposits and the like which is not an online activity when you think about it. But you never know, the Philippines is fast changing in these times. It maybe sooner than later.

    1. True, something that is so discouraging for me. I don’t know why the Philippines is like this. I don’t think it is the lack of knowledge and technology. One more thing is credit cards. Here, if you use credit card to buy something even as low as 200 baht, it is allowed. Credit cards are good as cash. In the Philippines even if you buy 13,000 pesos worth of gadgets, they’re going to charge you 7% interest for using a card.

  2. My girls are huge fans of My Little Pony… they watch the tv shows non-stop, we have the videos, and they have tons of big and little pony’s!

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