15 thoughts on “Priceless, Timeless Wealth

  1. Education is wealth only when the student wants to learn, and gets to use the knowledge. No point spending so much to educate a person who refuses to learn.

  2. For some reason, I love learning so much that I would gather much information just about anything! Education really is something that you have to earn for yourself and since I’m an education student, right now, I feel proud to be in this course and to be a teacher soon, my job in the future would be very fruitful as I could relay knowledge to my future students and would remember me for it. 😀

  3. Education is the most important “PAMANA”(inheritance) we can give to our children. The most precious gift we can say our “LEGACY” to keep forever.

  4. It is definitely so important. It seems that our government thinks that they are helping with some of it, but actually making it worse. Praying for our teachers, for sure! 🙂

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