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The most viral video/song in the internet now is GANGNAM STYLE.  These past days I observed Summer doing a funky dance move, and singing a quite strange song which  I can not make the words out. I was really confused if it’s her own Thai or English make-up-words.  She was having fun laughing and giggling as she danced and sang.  When we posed for a family picture, she had her hands positioned similar to when she dances.  I was intrigued, but she really can’t pronounce the words  properly.

At work, i was quite intrigued when my students were singing a similar tune.  They told me that it ‘s GANGNAM STYLE.  When I got home that day, I checked the internet. OMG!!! There are already like so many different versions, renditions,parodies of it already and believe it or not these videos got hundreds of  thousands to at least a million views.  The most popular next to the original of course is the Thai version.  Other famous versions are that of the Philippines and India. There might be others that are also popular that i have not seen but from my vantage these versions filled the top search slots.

A lot of people have praised this world wide hit wonder but of course it will never escape a lot of detractors giving their piece of mind about the matter. These people giving their thoughts about the song and about the people who dance to it. These negative inputs range from taste in music to racism so on and so forth. You can even see a lot of verbal altercations in the comment section of youtube. LOL!

But for me and my husband it’s about having fun. As long as the lyrics don’t mean anything awful, like most songs of today contain, it is ok for us. and perhaps our favorite version is the Thai version which talks about life of the “PROM  D” or “from the province” We don’t know what the korean song means really but we do hope it is not saying anything awful.

Oppa GANG NAM Style!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Gangnam Style

  1. My daughter is a dance club member, and Gangnam was the first dance they did in their school program and she really enjoyed it. Kids usually go into song beats and rhythm, not the lyrics. I guess nothing wrong with that.

    1. true we get carried away with the beat and rhythm at first, songs like Milkshake, I’m a Big Man, My Hump, and many more. But if you pay attention to the song’s message, some are rubbish, others use obscene words, and a few are even sexually graphical. This is where we should be careful. I can’t dare imagine my daughter dancing to this kind of songs. OMG!!!

      1. I remember back in college up until my early years of work, the song that really stuck to my brain and even until now years after..when it plays in my car i still get that dancing beat in my heart… the song ” I’m Horny by Mousse T” ( I’m giving you the link just incase no body remembers the song… LOL! this song perhaps has one of the best rhythm and beat in any disco song ever. We sang this song or hummed it … Now that i am a dad… and with a daughter at that… i felt a little strange singing this song especially now that our daughter is starting to imitate. i can’t have my daughter singing “horny horny horny” now do i? LOL!

        As parents we should also be vigilant with what our kids are listening to. We all know that a lot of things are unavoidable but at least in our homes we get to filter these things. Cheers!

      2. I remember singing this french song from the movie moulin rouge “voulez vous coucher avec moi” Lady marmalade …hahaha… i loved this song so much that i memorized the french lyrics without even knowing what it means… and to my great surprise… it was meant to be sung by girls.. bwahahaha… i got embarrassed when my friend’s british fiance who can speak french told me what it meant…. ^_^

  2. We even taught our one yr old how to dance gangnam style hoping to video it and upload in youtube. But of course she can’t get it right.

    Last Sunday, While sitting on a bench, I held my baby’s hands while dancing and singing gangnam style. And then one kid (4 yr old) approached me and told me, “Mali ka naman eh, ganito yun eh,” Hehehe…

    The whole world has expressed its opinion about gangnam style, I wonder what are the Koreans’ take on it. I read somewhere that they shun it, just don’t know if it’s true.

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