Utama Spice: Natural Aromatherapy Products Review

diffuser lamp humidifier and five essential oils

natural aromatherapy diffuser lamp with five essential oils at the bedside


Utama Spice has sent us two products to be reviewed. First of all, these products are free for us to use but we did not receive monetary compensation, and all opinion expressed are solely mine and my family.

Utama Spice sells all natural products, pretty safe both biologically and environmentally. With everything’s going on nowadays, I think it is better to choose products that are organic.

So without further ado, here are the products we received.


Essential oils

We tested five essential oils; orange, rosemary, fennel, clove, and tea tree, they all smell heavenly. And it is worth mentioning that we placed the package in the trunk of our car, and in that short ride home, the car trunk was oozing with essential oil scent. So we made an experiment, we combined all five scents in the diffuser lamp, and the fragrance was amazing! We then tried each of the essential oil one by one. Our kids love the orange scent; my husband and I love rosemary scent more though.

The 10 ml essential oils came in cute, dark-blue colored glass bottles, each with labels indicating its ingredients, how-to-instructions, and warnings. The lid cover is compact and sturdy, the oil is certainly safe inside and there is no fear of leakage. The overall packaging looks neat and aesthetically pleasant.

The fragrance filled the bedroom. The scent is soothing. It relaxes the mind and body. We had a good night sleep. With essential oils this good, I could think of some unconventional use for them.


Sonoma Aromatherapy Diffuser Lamp

Yep you read it correctly, it is a diffuser, an air humidifier and a lamp at the same time. It has a dimension of 129 * 129* 167mm. It is super dainty. I love the color combination – wood brown for the base and ceramic white for the lid, which also serves as the lamp. That’s right it has a wooden base and a ceramic top. I think this color combination goes pretty well with any room aesthetics.

The Sonoma diffuser lamp can be used for 8 hours straight or 16 hours intermittent. It can hold up to 180 ml of water and can diffuse mist continuously or intermittently depending on what suits you best. The LED lamp has four options, dim, bright, breathing, or off. You may think that the lid is hot after hours of use, surprisingly, it is not, not even warm.

It has a very pretty contour, we love! It diffuses essential oil effectively. It is simple and elegant looking.


Do we recommend this?

Definitely! The essential oils and the aromatherapy diffuser lamp are awesome. Utama Spice did not disappoint us. These Indonesian products are of good quality and they deserve a spot in the global market.

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19 thoughts on “Utama Spice: Natural Aromatherapy Products Review

  1. I have fallen in love with essential oils and my diffuser over the last few months! I am going to check out their oil selection!

  2. I have three of these diffuser in my home. I love the tranquility and peace it bring to my home. I tend to buy and bulk and the company that I go through mentions put them in the fridge to preserve it. I recommend diffusers to everyone.

  3. I have recently started using essential oils for aromatherapy and it feels great! They are soothing and have a very calming effect. In fact, I am even able to sleep better thanks to the oils. Will have to try your suggestion too!

  4. What a great little diffuser lamp! I haven’t tried oils or a diffuser, but I would love to have these in my home. It’s nice to have a natural way to make your home smell good, without synthetic fragrances.

  5. This is such an informative post. Aromatherapy is indeed, beneficial and it doesn’t choose any age. It helps stressed adults, teens, kids, even babies. Thanks for this really nice review.

  6. I would love to try the orange scent. I bet that would smell lovely over holidays. I love the smells of peppermint, lavender and rosemary. I often use those oils around the house to bring a nice calm clean smell indoors.

  7. I love having scents on around the house, I find it really makes a difference to my mood and these sound like some great products. I could definitely see myself adding them to my collection.

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