Unboxing of Cash Register Toy: China Made

Cash register
Unboxing of Cash Register Toy: China Made

Chinese products have been described as fake, unreliable, unhygienic, and even hazardous.  Despite these claims,  the Chinese market is never short of clients from across the globe most probably due to its comparably lower cost.  We are one of those who despite having bought lemon products like Dengo Car Camera and  Portable Cordless Handy Stitch, still buys products made by Chinese companies every now and then.

And yes,  we bought yet another one.

Recently, we bought our daughter a cash register toy. She has been wanting it for sometime, but we kept pushing the idea off, and convinced her to choose something else every time. Something within our budget, well, mom on a budget really!

Please watch her unboxing video here.


This Chinese company-made cash register costs $21. According to my mom-on-a-budget standard, a toy that costs more than $15 is too much, however, considering that its branded counterparts cost around $30, and that she has been waiting for a long time to have one, so I gave in and bought it.

Here’s why this cash register is practical.

  1.  Functional. As a simulation toy, it pretty much lets you perform what a real life cash register does. The keyboard is pressable, the display shows the number, and the drawer opens; they all work. Even the scanners and microphone are all functional.
  2. Other features. Aside from the main cash register, the set also comes with toy money, toy credit card, and several plastic and paper toy merchandises.
  3. Feel. This plastic cash register toy set is lightweight, and it easily moves as you type in the prices or when taking money in and out of the drawer. It would have made a whole lot of difference to the play experience if suction cups or the likes were placed to hold the cash register in place.
  4. Price. It certainly is affordable. At the cost of $21, considering that it works perfectly and that it does not feel and smell like plastic, even though it is made by a rather unpopular Chinese company, I have no complains.

My daughter is happy! So am I.

Have you had a similar experience with Chinese-company made products?  Share it with us. 

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51 thoughts on “Unboxing of Cash Register Toy: China Made

  1. I have found a lot of Chinese toys aren’t all that bad, we have bought quite a few and they have been great! This one looks good too, something my stepdaughter has been wanting for a while x

  2. Good to know that in cash register toy all parts are functional. It keeps children engaged for some long time. I never interested in non-functional register toys for my kids because it looks quite boring to me.

  3. That’s cute! As a mom, I can agree that cash registers are so much fun for kids. We got my little girl a simple one (not as pink and pretty as this one!) because she’s only 2, and we didn’t know how she’d take to it. She plays with it everyday and likes to pretend we’re at McDonalds. LOL. Glad your daughter loves it!

  4. I would never consider a toy to be a fake. If it holds up I guess it doesn’t matter where it comes from. I have bought off of amazon before not knowing a toy was coming from China. It has been hit or miss in the quality department.

  5. I have bought stuff from China before on ebay and they turned out to be fine. And cheap. This cash register looks lovely and if it makes your daughter happy then it was definitely worth it!

  6. It’s common seeing people despising Chinese products for being fake but at times, they end up being so great! And the toy looks just great! No wonder your daughter was so happy receiving it.

  7. This looks amazing toy, and yes its looks little bit expensive. $21 is little bit higher. But on the other point we always buy chinese toys just because they are little bit cheap. But if everything is functional then this much amount is not that much high. Love the toy. Will wait when I can able to find out this toy in Indian market

  8. Chinese products are a hit in India, the government tries to ban these products every now and then but it finds a way to creep into the black market. And, I agree because of cheap prices, they are such a hit.

  9. I would have absolutely loved to receive this when I was a kid! I was so obsessed with cash registers haha! 🙂 I would totally get this for a child as a gift.

  10. For me I never say fake. If the toy works and functions as it said in the box then I am good and happy about it. This looks like a nice one.

  11. So fun! My daughter used to have a toy like this, and she LOVED it. In fact, I think we still have it somewhere. She’s 11 now, but she’ll still play with it now and again.

  12. This cash register toy is so adorable! Perfect for teaching kids about money by playing. I was looking for my friend’s daughter birthday gift and this is it!

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