To Have or Not to Have a Nanny

From a previous post, I enumerated three options expats could choose from with regard to who will take care of a child after the one month maternity leave. These are:

  1. Hiring a nanny
  2. A daycare center that accepts infants
  3. Mom and/or Dad looking after your baby

In our case, the first two options were the most plausible. Option 3 was out of the question. Hiring a nanny may not be the best especially if we take into consideration child psychology 101, fundamentals of education and whatnot but truth be told this is the most convenient, easiest, and practical option there is.  And putting our son in a daycare was the other probable option.


How’s the nanny?

Our first born was with a Thai nanny most of her infancy and Filipino nanny during her toddler years. While our second child was with a Thai nanny during his infancy and spent most of his toddler years in a daycare. We could say that we experienced the best or even the worse of both worlds.

We were lucky our kids had caring nannies.  We never had nanny-related problems similar to those horrendous news or videos of babies and kids abused by their nannies. However, the biggest challenge we had, since the Thai nannies we had do not speak our language, was communication gap. Explaining your preferences and the do’s and don’ts is extremely difficult.  This oftentimes lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and a possible strain in the relationship.  Another problem that could arise from having a nanny whether communication is a problem or not, is the differences in child-rearing practices. Parents have visions as to how their kids should grow and what values they want to re-enforced. On the other hand, parents and nannies may not be in the same spectrum.

And so, if you have no other recourse than to have a nanny for your dear kiddies and more especially if you are an expat, you have to choose your nanny with utmost care after all you are placing your kid’s safety on her hands.


A care from a Daycare

After moving to a new place due to job relocation, we were left with no choice but to send him to a daycare center as we were new to the place and knew no one to take care of him.  A daycare is cheaper but it is crowded. There were 20 sometimes more toddlers in one room with only two adults to look after them.  Due to this, he was sick most of the time. The worst thing he got from there was Foot and Mouth Disease.  It was such a trying time for us.


The choice is yours

As parents, we gotta do what we gotta do, right?  Our decisions could either break or make our kids.  It’s hard, but it’s something that comes with parenthood.  Depending on your present circumstance, whether you are an expat, single parent, working mom or dad, the choice is yours.

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12 thoughts on “To Have or Not to Have a Nanny

  1. It is parents’ choice either they will hire a nanny or they will take care of their infants by themselves. For me, it is important for infants to stay with their parents at the certain period of time.

  2. It’s such a hard, hard choice. Really depends on whether you know that nanny well or know the daycare well. Some kiddos enjoy the daycare setting with other littles, and others do better with 1-1 situation. I’d definitely prefer grandparents over either of those, but we have used nannies in the past with both not-great and really good results.

  3. That is very true that there is a risk in letting other person to handle and care for your kids. In our place, the one who is taking care for their kids in their absence is their relative, but yet she couldn’t be relied upon though she’s related to them.

  4. Hiring a nanny is a gamble. Sometimes you get a good caring one, sometimes you get a lazy one. It can’t be all perfect. I do not see anything wrong about having a nanny as long as the parents are still actively involved in caring for the child when they are at home.

  5. I work so hard these days to earn lots of money because when I have a child, I want to be there for everything – I don’t want to miss any special moments. I can’t leave my child with a nanny or anyone else! Maybe I just can’t trust people.

  6. I had a nanny when growing up. Now with my toddler we font need a nanny because we live in a country that allows up to two years of paid maternity leave.

  7. This is one of the hardest question for parents. But if I have to choose I’ll rather ask help for his/her grandparents or relatives. No for stranger.

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