The Modern Hotel (โรงแรมเดอะโมเดิร์น )

Location: Tha Sala, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Sri Thammarat 80160

This fairly new hotel is conveniently located just outside the city of Nakhorn Srithammarat, and a few kilometers away from Walailak University.  We stayed for 2 nights,  and here’s our experience.


What we like about it?

First of all it’s very affordable with deluxe rooms at 499 Baht and super deluxe rooms at 599 Baht.

Kid-friendly. We always travel with our kids whether the reason is for leisure or work, and so a kid-friendly accomodation is preferable.

Easy to locate. Most often we travel by car, getting to a hotel without the hassles of going round and round certainly is a plus factor. After hours on the road you just want to cozy up in a comfortable bed or pamper yourself to a long warm shower. Another good thing is that  The Modern hotel is registered correctly and I mean spot on in google map unlike the other hotels we have stayed in where the location they registered in goodle map is either in the middle of a forest or in the middle of the sea.

Plenty of parking space. Parking is not a problem.  They have got an onsite parking space, safe,  and paved.


What are the quirks of this hotel?

Room is small with wooden cabinet and wide screen TV, which only plays local programs. It is well lit but without any aesthetic pleasure.

Cleanliness.  At a glance it is tidy and organized however for asthmatics such as my family, we know for sure that the floor and linens were dusty. Good thing I brought some masks otherwise the sneezing would have ended up in a full blown asthma. We had to mop the floor ourselves and gave the linens a good  shake to get rid of the fine dust. There were mildews on the bathroom wall and the rubber tile floor felt slimy.


WiFi connection is good enough to open Facebook and Youtube but not fast/strong enough to open photos and videos. If you are thinking of uploading photos or watching videos it may take you like forever.

Limited amenities.  Free coffee and coffee maker,  and hairdryer are few amenities we deeply appreciate having in our hotel room. Unfortunately The Modern Hotel have got free toiletries, and free bottled water only.

No other services offered like breakfast,  laundry,  dry cleaning, or room service.


Would we stay there again? Well if there is a better choice we might have a second thought.  However,  considering how affordable it is,  we might.


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