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Reading Through Social Media

Reading, is it still important? An absolute yes!

On the other hand, we have social media, which many claim have been distracting our children from reading, playing with friends, socializing face to face with others, and from their studies in general. However, social media is a reality. It’s not going anywhere. It’s here to stay. And whether we like it or not, it is a super big part of our lives, most especially of our kids. How about reading through social media?

What do we do then?

I personally think that we should make use of social media to our advantage as parents. Now, I’m not saying we let our children have all the screen time they want. There should still be rules regarding that. Screen time should be limited to make time for some diverse outdoor activities, and that children have to take part in house chores, if you’re interested you may also check 5 reasons children need chores. What I’m saying is, we can re-direct them to something productive and beneficial. As I see it, social media can be tapped by parents to encourage children develop and improve their skills.

My children love watching Youtube videos. I showed them some family videos we had; they loved it. Also, they like watching them from time to time. This was a light bulb moment for me. Since they like watching themselves in videos, why not make a video of them doing something really productive and beneficial, say, reading!

Reading through Youtube

In the beginning, this really was a training for our bilingual children. The main goal was to motivate them to read some more, and develop their English pronunciation. I soon realized that, it could also be beneficial for other children who are watching. They could simply listen first, then read along, and then eventually read the story all by themselves.

Here are list of Reading videos we’ve made so far. Please feel free to watch and share with people who you may think will benefit from these.

  1. The Village in the Snow

The Dragon Tree

The Castle Adventure

Pirate Adventure


The Shopping List

Tara’s Party

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