Life Starts at Forty-licious

Are you turning 40 soon?

Does this freak you out?

Don’t be, read a book.

Here’s one for you.











Yup, that is right, there’s nothing to freak out about.  You are only 40. It is a mere digit.  Besides, LIFE STARTS AT FORTY.  Think of it as another phase in your life.  In any role playing games (R.P.G), we call it level up.  At 40’s you have certainly leveled up.  You have gone through life’s ups and downs.  You have come out victorious from numerous predicaments life has plunged you into. You have gained wisdom from all of these experiences.  Wisdom which will guide you not to repeat whatever previous fiasco you had. Second in terms of materials things, you have worked hard enough to have gained financial independence.

So relax and chill out. Give yourself a break.

Here’s another one for you.











What do you think of this “How the #@!! did I get to be 40” mug?

Would this bring a smile?

If you think so, then check out more of these 40th birthday gifts at Spencer Online Store.  I particularly love the Forty-licious Beads and Forty-licious Koozie.  Their “I’m Forty Spinner Button” is another cool idea for a forty-licious party full of fun, fun, fun.  All of these and so much more in  Turning forty is a milestone. So the forty-licious party should be lively, oozing with energy, and memorable because turning 40 is like turning 18.

If you need more 40th birthday ideas, and other cool stuff from unique clothing to home accessories, and even naughty stuff check them out at list of 40th birthday ideas to make.

Spencer online is the coolest and funkiest online store I have come across so far.  It is a jack of all trade Online Store.



Which 40th birthday gift  from would you give to a friend?

Please leave your comments and creative responses below.

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