Krabi Tour

Krabi trip is never complete without its famed island hopping.  The islands worth checking out are Tup, Poda, Phranang, and Chicken Islands. Snorkeling in these islands is really a pleasure.  The fish are “friendly”.  They are going to crowd around even without food.  The sceneries  are fantastic and  picturesque.  It’s as if I stepped into a travel magazine or postcard.  The water is clean, and the people are nice.

During low tide, you can actually walk from Tup to its adjacent Island.

While swimming in Tup Island


Tup Island



The shape of this island explains why it’s called Chicken. This is also a great snorkeling site.

Chicken Island


Swimming with the fish at Chicken Island


We stopped over at Poda Island for lunch.  It is quite bigger than the first two Islands.  The white fine sand is great to the feel, and it is as powdery as that of Koh Lipeh‘s.  A towering rocky Islet is facing Poda Island at one side, which looks like a bow, port side of a ship. And if there are long-tailed boats docked in front  will make it picture perfect (at least for me).

A scenic view at Poda Island


Most photographed view in Poda Island


Phranang Island, where the “sacred” phranang cave is found.  Our last stop.  The tour guide told us that the locals considered it as a sacred place.  They believe that the cave protects them from any harm.  With this we psyched up ourselves to tone down a bit from our holiday mode. When we got there, it was THE BIGGEST SURPRISE of  my life. The cave is full of gigantic replica of the male genitalia.  OMG!

Me and …..


Oh boy! Me and one big…..


Ao Nang also offers little conveniences in life.  It has Starbucks for coffee lovers, and Mc Donalds.  There are a lot of Convenience Stores for those who are on a tight budget.  Hostels range from 300 baht to 700 baht per night on a low season and 500 to a whopping 2500 baht per night on peak seasons.

We also went to Ao Thalen to Kayak.  It was a fun, scary, and exciting experience for me, somebody who doesn’t know how to swim. We kayaked the entire length of Ao Thalen Bay, witness scenic views, explore some of the caves.  My muscles were really sore. But it was a feat on my part.  My friend and I were able to complete it without help from the guide.

Kayaking at Ao Thalen



Into the Cave…


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