Is Lugging Around a DSLR Worth the Hassle?

Is lugging around a huge DSLR camera with a tri-pod worth the hassle?
I have been asked by a lot of people directly and indirectly about the worth of lugging around my huge DSLR with a fairly heavy tripod. And my answer has always been a huge YES!
Note: My camera set up is NOT even remotely close to what professionals use. Imagine carrying a semi pro or a pro DSLR camera on your walk-around with your family.
I use a Canon 550D with a battery grip and a 24-105 mm L Lens and a Nissin external flash onboard which makes my camera weigh more or less 1 kilogram. My tri-pod is almost half a kilogram, give-or-take. So I am lugging around a camera set-up of almost a kilo and a half which may not seem a lot. But after an hour or so… you get to feel the weight.
A lot of people with I-phones and androids or powerful digital cameras would say modern gadgets take very good pictures now-a-days. And I would agree. But man you just don’t know what kind of picture quality a fairly decent DSLR(in the right hands) can produce compared to the best compact camera. ^_^ Far out!
Looking like a dweeb walking around with a DSLR mounted on a fully extended tripod on my shoulder looking for a sweet spot to take pictures with my family is worth the hassle and the embarrassment.(you’d get used to it though LOL!)  but hey… Let me show you what I mean.
So this is how I look:

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