Greenway Shopping: Hatyai Thailand

If you are looking for a great one-stop thrift shop, Greenway Shopping is the place for you.
It is popular among locals and expats alike because of its affordability and wide variety of choices. It has everything from apparels,shoes, and toys to imported Japanese plastic models like Ban Dai.

And after shopping, you can dine at Greenway Food Station, which serves your favorite Thai dishes, desserts and drinks. They even have kids’ fave Thai porridge called Khaw Tom which is normally served in the morning. Desserts include cake and the Korean Bingshu.
The place is clean and organized although the parking is a bit tight.

And by the way, ¬†they’ve got a mini play area for kids. You get to enjoy dinner while the kids are ¬†having a blast and socializing with other kids.


Have you been here?

Anything similar to this in your place?

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