Expat Babies Travel 101

For expat mommies who have kids born in Thailand and will be travelling out of the country for the first time, it is important to bring 2 very essential documents aside from your kid’s passport.  These are your child’s birth certificate both Thai and the English Translation, photocopies of the birth certificate.

Summer and I went to the Philippines for an emergency visit.  As I was travelling with a kid, I didn’t want to bring any check-in luggage.  It would definitely lessen the hassle. So I packed just the basic necessities, and a few shirts and shorts for Summer and I.  I did not bother to really think about the documents to bring, which I normally do when travelling.  I would even bring the not so necessary papers. But I was in a hurry, so I just brought my work permit, contract, and our passports.  At first I did not bring the birth certificate thinking that the passport is already one good identification.  When we were about to go I turned to my husband and asked ” should i bring Summer’s birth-certificate?”  He glared with a huff and said “Dalaa uie! Naunsa gud!” (Bring it! ) and hurriedly took Summer’s birth certificate.

I was so thankful.  I listened to my intuition.  We were held a bit longer than usual in the immigration section of Hatyai International Airport.  I was glad as well that we went there really very early.  Had we used “Filipino or Thai time”, it would have been a disaster. Summer’s passport was “clean” – no stamps, no visa, no departure card.  This had caused confusion to the officer.  He had to make a call. And this scared me a bit.  Although, technically everything is good.  Summer was born in Thailand, we got her passport in the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok. It’s her first time to travel out of Thailand. The officer talked on the phone for a long time, asking questions every now and then – where did you get this passport?  Where did you give birth to Summer? I listened intently to their conversation, and was relieved when the officer mentioned “ohk dai, chai mai?” (She can go out, right?).  He then asked for the original and photocopy of the birth certificate.

At that moment, I was so thankful to all the angels who gave me that pressing feeling to ask and confirm to bring the birth certificate.  I was thinking. OMG! Had I not brought the birth certificate, what would have had happened?  Would they have asked me to go back home and get the document? or Would have they simply refused passage for Summer?


Do you have any similar experience with the immigration?


Feel free to post your comments, reactions, opinions or even share you own experience.  Cheers!



Summer in Jollibee Philippines