Summer’s First New Year’s Party in School

summer xmas


Summer, my daughter, woke up early without any fuss.  She can’t wait to wear her new dress from Pretty Ovo.  She had been wanting to wear that the whole week.  When we got to her school, she was even more excited because the usual austere classroom was now full of colorful Christmas decors, balloons, and Christmas trees.

She expressed appreciation whenever she liked the dress or shoes her friends were wearing.  She loves dresses and shoes.  I am afraid she might have some kind of addiction to these.  She danced with her classmates. She posed for pictures with her Thai friends.

You might be wondering why New Year’s party and yet they have a Christmas decoration. My daughter goes to Suwanawong School.  It is a Thai Buddhist school.  They do not celebrate Christmas.  That is why December 25 is a working day here.

Her day was full of fun and games.  She fell asleep in the car.


QUESTION: How was your Christmas or New Year’s Party?


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