Kid’s Hairstyle for the Summer

Summer is here.  It is not just hot, it is very hot.

As you think of different activities or plan for places to visit this summer, do not forget to consider the following sunblock lotion, sunglasses, hats, or even umbrellas.  The temperature is just insanely unbearable.  It is better to keep umbrellas in hand.  It is no longer practical to walk under the heat of the sun unprotected.

Kids are also vulnerable to Miliaria, better known as prickly heat.  The neck, nape, and back are the most susceptible part of the body.  To prevent this, make sure that your kids are always clean and fresh.  Taking a bath in the morning and before bedtime would be good. Let your kids wear loose shirts or dresses for the summer as this will allow air to flow freely  preventing damp cloth from clinging unto the skin. For girls who have long hair should keep their hair tidy.  Braiding your kid’s long hair would be a good way to keep the neck and nape fresh and well aerated.  Here are different hair braiding styles to choose from. Take your pick ^_^












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