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This boy who calls her mom by her name is not cool.

 son call mom linda

But Ellen DeGeneres broadcasting this, is all the more not cool.


Sure, parents are not perfect, and sure there are kids who are undergoing a difficult stage.  But do we really have to show this to the world?

The media is very powerful. Whether we like it or not, kids as young as two years old  already know how to browse youtube.  Young kids absorb whatever they see and hear very quickly whether it is good or not.  Now,  don’t you think it is quite difficult to explain to a toddler not to follow or imitate this boy’s behavior?

linda linda

Ellen Gave The 3-Year-Old Who Wanted A Cupcake For Dinner More Cupcakes He Could Handle

This one above is a very powerful reinforcement of the kid’s behavior.  This is telling the boy and other kids that what he did is alright.  The way this boy talked back to his mom is certainly alarming.  If you allow your kid to talk to you this way now, just imagine how he’s going to treat you 10 years from now.  There are ways on how to assert yourself nicely.  The behavior exhibited by this boy is certainly way from being nice.

I wonder why some people find this cute.

This is just me.

What is your stand on this? Do share..




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